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Lithrotripsy and Stent Side Effects
DevilDog1983 posted:
Hi, I have recently had 2 lithrotripsy ops. 1st one they could not get in to my kidney due to a "pinch" in my ureter so the Doc put in a stent for 4 months. Then in the 2nd one he got through and removed my stones. During this whole time I was on percocets. I began having ED problems once the stent was in place. I thought that the stent was my problem or just the meds. Once after the 2nd op was done, I continued having problems. Now I have been off all meds for 3 months, and still having problems as in, painful ejaculations, lack of sex drive, sometimes not being able to get fully hard. I spoke to my urologist and he is saying he's never heard of this and it must be cause by PTSD. I disagree because I was diagnosed with PTSD way before either surgery and did not have these problems. Can anyone give any truth to the fact that the surgeries or stent could be the root of my problems here? Thank you in advance.
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
Narcotics can definitely screw with erections, as can stress, fatigue, anxiety, pain, worrying about erections, medications, tobacco, alcohol, social substances, to name a few. In fact, just thinking about ED is enough to kill erections. t may be that the meds may have started something up or maybe they just coincided and that the ED is from something else- be sure to get your hormones checked to include estrogen, thyroid, etc.