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kbiowa posted:
My father is 58 and diabetic and i recently found out he has ED and has for a while now. My question is.... Is ED genetic? Should i be worried about my son having it in the future?
georgiagail responded:
No, ED is not genetically linked. Diabetes often is. ED in diabetes can be caused by the neuropathy (nerve damage) connected with this stinkin' disease.

dfromspencer responded:
From what i have read, or heard about E.D., is that it is not genetic. E.D. can come from a variety of reasons/sources. Stress is one reason. Depression. Obesity. Or, it could be from clogged arteries? Damage to the nether regions. So many things can cause E.D.. NO, it is not herreditary.

You worrying about your son can cause you to have E.D. So, stop worrying. Relax, you have nothing to fear. Even if your son does get it, there are so many treatment plans available, one will surely work for him.

I hope this helps you. Best of luck! Dennis
kbiowa replied to dfromspencer's response:
thank you so much for repling. i know i have to stop worring but honestly there has been a wierd outbreak of ED in my family. i have recently learned that not only my father but also my 2 brothers have this problem!!! i really am worried.
georgiagail replied to kbiowa's response:
ED is not a "contagious" disease where one can catch this from another nor is it genetically linked.

With all of the commericals on TV regarding ED medications, far more men believe they have this (sometimes due more to performance anxiety) than actually suffer from it.

dfromspencer replied to kbiowa's response:
I'm so sorry for your family! But please dont worry, that does not mean that you will get it, or your son. I have suffered with E.D. since i was in my late twenties. I am 53 now. I take Levitra, and it really works well. I hope those members of your family have taken the right steps for a healthier sex life?

If you feel so strongly about this, may i suggest you see your Dr.? He/she can put your mind at ease. There are many tests they can perform, to determine wheather you are a good candidate for E.D., or not. If you live a fairly healthy lifestyle, and dont stress too much, you should be fine.

For your peace of mind, go see the Dr.! Good luck, and best wishes! Dennis
mfullmike replied to dfromspencer's response:
I'm a relatively healthy 58-year-old male with ED, which I've been dealing with for several years now. When I first brought it up with one doctor, he dismissed it as within the normal aging cycle, but earlier than others. He said since we are not expected to continue procreation, that nature intends to diminish our desire and ability to have sex. He said the human species is the only animal that expects to have an active sex life over our entire lifetime, but that's not how animals are made to be. I can buy that to a certain extent, but I am much healthier than most of my peers. Other than an enlarged prostate, I have no other chronic conditions and take no medications. I work out about 5 days a week and hike regularly. I'm climbing Mt. Rainier in September. So why shouldn't I expect to still have to the ability to please my wife? My theory is we are over-exposed and overloaded by bad environmental factors and thousands of chemicals we are exposed to that didn't exist 30 years ago. I call them frankenstein chemicals, like aspartame, nutrasweet, splenda; not to mention cleaning agents, pesticides, and genetically modified foods. Add to that a diet of processed foods, sodas, energy drinks, poor meat products, fluoridated water and you have a soup of toxicity. In effect we are slowly poisoning ourselves. So now we have an epidemic of autism, erectile dysfunction, and despite billions of dollars spent on "cancer research" we still have every form of cancer, many at increasing rates. So what's the good news. Most of our wives also suffer from low or non-existent libidos!
dfromspencer replied to mfullmike's response:
Wow! You have hit that nail on the head! You are absolutely correct! We live in a poisonous environment. Alot of that may actually cause our E.D.?

I hope you did not take that Dr.'s explanation? Go see a urologist. They are the specialists in this field. I know one of them has the answer you are looking for! An enlarged prostate in and of itself, does not induce E.D. Therefore, the underlying cause of your E.D. may be something more sinister? Such as constricted blood vessels? Probably not, but why take the chance? See an Urologist.

Good luck, and my very best wishes! Dennis
georgiagail replied to dfromspencer's response:
It's rather doubtful one can blame so called toxic events on ED (and by the way, aspartame IS nutrasweet).

One might blame the increasing incidence of obesity and early onset diabetes as a potential cause since diabetes often cause neuropathy and nerve damage can affect ones ability to achieve an erection. In that instance, the "toxic" environment involves more of a fast fork, second helpings/super-sizing and a lack of desire to push away from the table as opposed to toxic chemicals.

There's no "epidemic" of ED, despite what the marketers of erectile dysfunction medications imply. Many of the men who use these products do not even suffer from ED; they use these medications more in the line of a "sexual stimulant" with the goal of being "ever ready" so to speak or with the belief that these medications will improve performance ("better living through chemistry" so to speak).

kbiowa replied to georgiagail's response:
First, i would like to thank you all for replying. Second, I feel this is a good time to give you all the other peice of the puzzle. As you already know my father is 58yrs old and diabetic and has ED. My 2 brothers also have ED. Now the last piece of the puzzle is father, my 2 brothers, and my mother have all been diagnosed with genital herpes! I have read on this site that there is less than a 1% chance that my mother gave it to us children apon delivery...true? Gotta tell ya I am all but freekin out!!!! Need truethful answers!!!! My mother is now no longer speaking to me because of all the questions i have that she has no answers to !!!!! Please reply
dfromspencer replied to kbiowa's response:
All i can tell you is, herpes are spread thru sexual contact, and by kissing. Other than that, i dont know? Can you ask a Dr.???

Good luck!!
abe648 replied to kbiowa's response:
The odds of you getting HSV 2 genitally at birth is low. To put your mind at ease go and get a type specific igg blood test for HSV 1 and HsV 2 and ask for a copy of your test results and then go to this website and post your test results so someone can confirm your status.

The website is

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