Urination and Ejaculation
An_245584 posted:
I am currently taking Methadone and I am having trouble urinating, getting an erection and ejaculation. Would this be the problem or is it something else and what can I do for it?
dfromspencer responded:
Yes. I had the very same problem on Methadone. Unfortunately, that is one of the un-pleasant side effects. All opioid medication can cause this un-pleasant side effect. There are meds to counteract this side effect, unfortunately, they too have side effects. I declined further treatment for this, and i just grin and bear it.

If you continue to have erection problems, see your Dr. about possible E.D. meds to help achieve full erections. If you are still worried about these side effects, go see your Dr. He/she may be able to help you somehow?

Best of luck to you! Dennis