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I feel nothing during sex
An_245709 posted:
The title says it all. It feels like a work out, empty space and it takes me forever to cum because of it. I went to see a doctor about this, but he said it's probably because the condom is suppressing the feelings and told me to use a thinner one. I haven't tried it yet, but I don't think it will make a difference. I think so because I had my first BJ a couple of weeks ago, I was expecting it to be awesome, but I felt nothing except occasional teeth... On top of that I actually felt tingly irritation in my shaft when she was stroking it and it was pretty unpleasant.

P.S I'm uncircumcised. I only recently overcame shaft pain, by having water run against it in the shower for a few minutes a day, now there's no pain, but that tingly irritation feeling is definitely there.

I do feel a lot of pleasure when I cum, but the process itself is a work out. Any idea what's wrong with me?
abe648 responded:
This needs to be seen by your Doc to help you figure out what is going on. That would be the best.
nohard responded:
Sorry but this is just a theory, if you are a lover of masterbating and have been doing this to porn, then it comes down to your brain and your hand, your brain is used to your hand and whatching porn if this is the case, and the only way out is to reboot your system, and you just need to refrain for 8 weeks to reboot your system, and from that you can then see how you get on, do hope it works for you.#
Good Luck
MSGPVM responded:
I've tried the thinner ones. Can't speak for you but I still feel next to nothing in them & I sure can't cum. Fortunately I have an understanding wife whose late husband gave her herpes which is the reason I have to wear one in the first place. I do her then she does me with her hand & mouth
hancock46 responded:
Wish I had your problems! I am too connected over time to the lady I might be with and either am too excited or something to keep going that long with ejac. Thisvaries with time of sex usually and late at night I am at the worst but most emotionally involved as a romantic. Maybe this approach will help you. With what you spelled out, some romance might be missing. Look at the guys that hold out on porn, "no connection" so the indifference make a difference. I aam 66 and sex is as important as ever. Having a loving partner, would be a plus and I would not have to try so much with my cold fish, that has never really been amorous. it is also a fact that oral sex on a man, slows his ejac. responses. This would be good for me, but I need a woman interested in somthing but herself. Not likely so I stay with martial arts, work, exercise, playing music and all those domestic chores and honey dues projects. Try what you can to make this work. There are answers and being connected, seems to be a good one, though I wish I were not "so connected" after 26 yr.s to this one. Rollingwood
Rughani responded:
You need to see a Urologist or an Endocrinologist or Sexual medicine expert. They might suggest you to go for some blood work, mainly Total Testosterone, Free testosterone, Thyroid function, Blood sugar etc. to rule out some pathology. Meanwhile, just enjoy good foreplay and try to take short vacation and have some fun with your wife.
DOOO12 replied to hancock46's response:
mikegn responded:
about the same problem but I am circumsized
BaneWay responded:
there is no need to worry about having problem during sex or any other sexual activity. you shoudl try some meds

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