Heat rash?
BigG_0226 posted:
Okay so about 4 days ago the top of my butt crack start to swell. I thought maybe just a heat rash and put some cream on it and left it at that. Well it started to get worse and made it to where i couldnt sit with any wait on it. I cant sleep on my back either. But now its really red and very swollen. I tried more cream and that didnt help. I also cleaned it with warm soapy water then put some peroxide on it but its still their. And now there seems to be like a hole where blood is coming out but its not just blood its like its mixed with something else. Any ideas?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
You've posted in the Erectile Dysfunction Community - you might find additional info in the Skin Problems & Treatment Community.

Here's a photo of heat rash:

Picture of Heat Rash

And some treatment options:

Heat Rash Causes, Treatments and Prevention

If it seems like the area is getting infected or not clearing up, it's time to see the doctor!