Problem with Erection
lizelance posted:
Hi, I would like to know one thing.

While my husband does not have any problem regarding getting an erection, his penis goes up 180 degree up and stays parallel to his body. Can anything be done about this? We are yet to have a proper physical relationship because of this.

nohard responded:
Hi, if I'm right there is a tendon that is just above his penis, if he gets this cut then hys penis should drop down, this tendon just may be to tight,
These are only thoughts from a non doctor.
Good Luck
dfromspencer responded:
He can go to a urologist, and have them cut his tendon. However, once this is done, i hear there is no going back? So, later in life, you may regret this decision? This tendon is right above the penis. That tendon is what holds your erection up.