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Sexual frustration in men
musician75 posted:
I´m a 37 year old man, healthy (no problems at all of erectile dysfunction or others).
I really suffer very intensively with sexual frustration, because it IS so difficult to get a chance of having sex, and i´m even not bad looking at all.The competition between men is outradgeous, and the reality of facts is that a man only has sex when a woman wants it. It is ALWAYS the choice of women. Men must try and try and try, in the hope a woman will want to have sex in the first place, and then sex with him.

It is so unfair :
unless a woman is downright ugly she can have sex all the time she wishes/needs it, and that doesn´t mean that she will end up necessarily with rude and nasty men, because all men (ok, let´s say 98%) have in common a huge sexual urge, and it´s not because we are dirty or nasty, it´s just the way nature made us, it is biological and stronger than us (just like the need to eat, in different proportions, that is). So women can have sex anytime they want, because the offer is permanent, and it doesn´t take long too to find a nice and decent man.
They even have the capacity of experiencing stronger sexual pleasure than men (i´m not a woman but i know that),

I really think nature made it very very wrong. It should have been exactely the same desire, same pleasure, same need, same opportunity for both genders. Why punish men with such a torture? Life is already so full with problems, there would be no need on the top of that to have to endure such a torture (it is really a torture, women have really no ideia).

Relations are a very complex thing, and i´m all for one that really works, life has shown me however that only a very few achieve that, and mostly due to a strike of luck.
But what about a sex life? With or without a relation, we need a sex life, but it doesn´t depend on us, we are in the women´s hands (which i find a very humilliating reality, if you are a woman reeding this, just try to imagine for a minute how you would feel if it would be the opposite).

Just wanted to express briefly my thoughts, at the moment is very painfull, and i really can´t get confort in any way (i mean, porn is not only disgusting but it leaves you with a feeling of inferiority and envy, and masturbation just makes me more sad, because that´s not what i need).

Thank you for your time

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