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erictile dysfunction
An_247066 posted:
Any one please help me.

I am 36 years and Its been 7 yeears i ve been married. my husband is46. he doesnt smoke and do regular exercse wd no diabeties.

we do not have children and doctors diagnosis a problem of low sperm count and low motality. i have no problem od syst or any peroids problem.

My husband has developed and erictile dysfunction often during the intercourse. he had the same problems some times at the early age of our marriage.
My husband has another wife and has 3 kids from her , she is at the age of 47 and they ggot married at the age of 18 and 19.

my husband claims that he does not have any erictle dysfunction problem with his first wife. and she was also got pregnant from him at the age of 45. which resulted in abortion.

My husband continously blame me for the infertility and ED. I am very supressed and in stress. can any body help me telling .
if it is possible a man has no ED problem with a women age of 47 and has a problem with me??
how would i cope up with this problem as i feel degected and curse my self.
georgiagail responded:
Your posting is confusing. Are you saying your husband has a second wife in addition to you and has fathered three children with her?

dfromspencer responded:
I'm a little confused. You say your husband is healthy, yet has been diagnosed with low sperm count, and low motility? What has that to do with E.D.? You say he had no problem with his first wife, yet he has one with you?

Have you been tested for fertility? You claim your husband has been. If not, then do it. That way, if you are good to go, then he will have to accept that. He will then need to see an Urologist for his E.D..

Have you tried different things to excite him? Dress sexily, give him erotic massages? Anything? I hope you realize, that as we grow older, our sex drive diminishes over time? Your husband may be at that point?

Good luck, Dennis
pinydoll replied to georgiagail's response:
yes gail. he was married when he was 18 years old and had three children with his wife.
i got married with him when he was 39.
pinydoll replied to dfromspencer's response:
My husband got married when he was 18. and his wife was19. they had 3 kids with in 5 years of his marriage. after the 3rrd child they planned the family for 10 years, after that when they tried to have more kids his wife failed to concieve till 11 years. we got married b4seven years. after trying to conceive for 3 months i consulkted a doctor aand the test dignosed low sperm count and low motility. i do not have any cyst ets.
recently my husband got him self checked wd the urologist and he diagnosed that because of wearing briefs the testeshas moved to upward position causing low sperms production.

my husbands first wife is now 46, and is on premetuar menopause. my husband said that now when he does sex wd his first wife he enjoys the sexs a lot, even his first wife has 10 organasm in one go. where as when he does sex withh me, he has erection problem. is there any thing wrong in me? is it possible that a man has ED with one woman and not with the other one? what to do now?
dfromspencer replied to pinydoll's response:
I am glad you are good to go, health wise. But, you really have me confused.. Your "HUSBAND" is with his first wife??? And, he is still with you??? If that is true, WOW, talk about having your cake, and eating it too!!!

I am very concerned with your mental well being. Why in the world would you stay with someone who is cheating on you??? You certainly do NOT deserve that!

May i suggest something? Leave this guy, and find someone who will give you love, and most importantly, RESPECT. Also one that will give you the sex you desire.

There is nothing wrong with you! You may have "low self esteem problems? There are many men out there, one will certainly fit the bill. For your sake, i hope you leave this double timer, and get yourself a good man.

Best of luck to you, Dennis
pinydoll replied to dfromspencer's response:
Dear spencer. thank you for your concerns. but i m living in eeast, where leaving a husband and finding the new one is very difficult and we donot entertaain relationships wd out marriage.
dfromspencer replied to pinydoll's response:
Oh, i see. Now i understand alot more. Still, there is nothing wrong with you. You must talk to your husband, and make him understand your concerns. Ask him, how do we go through our life with this problem? Tell him, you need more from him. Then ask him to put himself in your place, and think about it.

I really hope this may help? Dennis
RobertPatrick responded:
I think you should take him to doctor again and have a testosterone or erectile test? So, that he would notice that he has erectile problem.

I think if he has ED problem then it would be better to get solution for it, Rather blaming you or something else
It would better to get solution for it.

To solve this problem consult doctor or get some help of health counsellor.

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