loss of sperm
feelinginsecure posted:
I'm 42 and have been to a "specialist" but really haven't received any real help for my problem. My problem is this, I can not "cum" more than once in a 24 hour period and if I do I would be lucky to "cum" a third time with-in a 48-72 hour period. It actually seems to be worse I don't think I could "cum" twice with-in a 48 hour time period now. the "specialist" I went to see wanted to buy some kind of special pump. Really? What can I do to get my sperm count back up, so I will be able to "cum"a least once everyday?
nohard responded:
First what kind of things are you doing to help yourself, its things like cutting out fast and junk foods, alcohol, coffee and smoking, start eating healthy, get out and exercise walking and swimming are the best 2 you can do, and try to these daily.
Look google herbs to incress sperm load, and read on and you will find all the herbs and vits that will help.
Good Luck
feelinginsecure replied to nohard's response:
Thanks for the reply. I'll try the google search. I rarely eat fast food. I rarely drink alcohol and I don't drink coffee. (rarely even drink caffenated sodas because the cafein irretates the colon) I don't and have never smoke. Snack food and the exercise is my downfall I take it.