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Blood in my sperm
An_247331 posted:
I have been having issues with seeing blood in my sperm for the past couple of years now, at first it happened randomly during masturbation about 3 or 4 years ago, when I looked it up it said that it could just be a popped blood vessel and to not ejaculate for a couple days and it should heal on its own.

After a couple days it did heal up on its own and i continued to masturbate with no issues, so then I thought nothing of it. Well a couple months later the same thing occured (there also wasn't much blood at this point), so then I went to the clinic at my local college that I was attending at the time. The Nurse had told me the same thing that I looked up online, that it was most likely a weak Blood Vessel and that it should heal within a coule of days, so I held off for a couple days and once again it healed and for another couple of months I was safe. Well at first this would only happen when I was alone and not when I was with my partner. The nurse also said that it was because when you are masturbating you are more aggresvie with yourself then your partner is with you, and because you know how much your body can take, and being aggresive like that can cause the vessel to pop. Now it is beginning to happen with my partner even with being gentle.

Now it happens far more often and there has been more Blood then Sperm it seems, and I have been having to wait longer and longer between ejaculations for it to heal. It has been taking a good week to heal. The more and more it happens the more worried I get. Not sure what to do, is this going to grow into a bigger problem? Is this just how my body is? If so is there maybe some kind of surgery that can change this?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
It sounds like it's time to see a urologist about this to get your questions answered. In the meantime, this article may provide some insight:

Blood in Semen
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Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
Blood in the semen is considered nothing to worry about...but if it is lasting this long, I would suggest that you see a urologist to get checked out and be sure. You are very smart and understand that it takes a while to heal and so if you ejaculate while the clot is still there and the raw area is still healing, it will bleed again an start the entire process over again.
floridamenshealthcenter replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
For any and all information please take a look at our site and live chat with our experts.
rolandor1993 replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
Hi Doctor Sheldon Marks I saw blood in semen like yesterday and I'm kind scary about it. It my first time seem it what I can do about it and I never have sex or I never have oral sex too plus I'm a premature baby as well. Can you help me? Doctor

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