Not Sure with Erection..getting married in a month..PLease help
sam853 posted:
Hi! I'm a 28 years old guy and my problem is that I am not sure If i have problem with my erection or If im suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. I am confused because I dont seem to have an erection by watching porn and I don't have much interest in porn or you can say that I find porn not so arousing and am a little bored with it. When I masturbate, I can get full erection and achieve a successful orgasm. But my overall interest in sexual activities is not same as it used to be when I was 23 or 24. Now, morning woods also happen ocassionally and sometimes they are weak. I have watched porn many times when I was around the age of 20 and I can say that I have been masturbating once a day since I was 18. Up to the age of 26, it was really hard to avoid masturabting once daily but now I can limit masturbating upto once or twice a week as there is no very strong urge that I have to masterbate every day But every fourth or fifth day, I do feel like I want to masterbate. In a nutshell, I'm confused because when I masterbate I can get full erection but otherwise during all day and night my penis is never gets a boner except ocassional morning woods. I am going to be married in a month and I am worried. Please help. And one thing more, I have never had sex as in our country we normally have sex after marriage
RobertPatrick responded:
You have low libido issue my friend. It would be better if you get Testosterone level test to know your testosterone level. I think that would help you to know what to do?.