dof44 posted:
I have ed and have tried Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. These drugs give me an erection but not strong enough to have intercourse. I can ejaculate with manual or oral stimulation. I have visited a urologist who checked my prostate and said there was no problem there. Are there any other options/ Not interested in a penile implant.
nohard responded:
Hi, Look i've had ED and now in recovery, and its all down to herbs and a hormon, if you go to franktalk.org, and under genral discussions, look for this tital, HERBS VERSUS DRUGS, HERBS MY CHOICE, all I can ask is please give it a read then give it a trail for 12 weeks, its the cheapeat way out of ED when we get the mix right.
Good Luck
RobertPatrick responded:
HI dof44

As erectile problem is common in men population and i think vigrx may help to get rid of erectile problem i used it and got good results moreover it contain herbal ingredient which doesn't have any side effects.
1VTS1 responded:
Have you tried vacuum therapy?
RobertPatrick replied to 1VTS1's response:
yeah i have tried it really help to get erection. what is your experience with vacuum therapy.
1VTS1 replied to RobertPatrick's response:
I've found that after the initial experiences, it was and still is exactly what it states. NO pain, very easy to use, and my wife loves the results!