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Cold sweats during sex
An_247669 posted:
My husband for the past couple of months has been experiencing cold sweats during sex and is unable to keep it up. The sweats are not a regular, the tempurature is hot - sweat, but the cold clammy sweat that comes about in an instant. He seems to think that the tempurature is just hot, but he is the only one sweating and clammy. It worries me because he is only 37. Could there be something very wrong with him?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello and welcome,

Your husband really should see his doctor, sooner rather than later. While this may not be a cause for concern, he should get it checked out to ensure his good health.

Let us know what they find out.
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dfromspencer responded:
I'm with Caprice here. He should see his Dr. right away. Better safe, than sorry. Has he injured himself recently? Or even in the past? Has he complained of back pain, neck pain? Its possible, he may have a pinched nerve?

There are times when, i may not feel more pain, yet i will break oout in cold sweats. When i had appendicitis, i broke out in cold sweats. Pain can cause this. Have him talk to his Dr., for your own peace of mind.

Keep us informed. And welcome here!

nenaboys2 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you for your insights. My husband did go see the doctor, eventually. The doctor did perform a thorough examination and ran some lab work, and everything came back normal. All the doctor said was that he is getting older and his body is changing, especially his testorone levels. It doen't happen too often any more, but his hands still get clammy. We are keeping a close eye for any additional symptoms. Thank you for your concerns.
stevesmw replied to nenaboys2's response:
If you have access to affordable health care, get a second or third opinion. I'm tired of hearing, sorry but it's part of the aging process. I belong to an HMO and eventually saw 4 doctors before I could get a reasonable diagnosis of what was causing cold/allergy symptoms.
RobertPatrick responded:
I think there are too reason for this....
First i think your husband gets nervous during sex this may results in sweat.
Another reason could be his body temperature my go up too early so that he is unable to hold on. And results in sweating...
SmithWood responded:
Some people simply sweating a lot more and then others, it doesn't also have about finding yourself in form.

One and only thing I will propose is that you try out carrying out more of the "work" so perhaps he or she goes a smaller amount after which sweats a smaller amount....

Doing it within the bathtub is obviously an alternative also on the other hand believe ensure accomplish that constantly.

I'd state, this is one of those stuff you sometimes defeat and stay grateful it's this kind of small difficulty or if it's something you cannot get over then cut your losses and also go forward. Isn't really anything more that can be done... remorseful

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