Young and scared
jzprince posted:
Hello im a 23 year old male 5'11 and in good health. Just recently I encountered a problem while having intercourse. About a week ago I had sex with my girlfriend and she was a little more rough than usual. And I actually lost erection in the middle of intercourse and for the rest of the night. I then noticed a pain at the very and of the base of my shaft on the left side close to the scrotum. It feels like a pinching feeling and I continued having sex for a few days through the pain. And then 3 days ago I lost erection in the middle of sex again. Im currently completely inactive in any sexual activities to see if it may heal up. So far its been three days and I still feel a light pain in the same area. This has Never happened to me before. Any ideas?
Energenex responded:
This might happened due to Erectile Dysfunction problem. But sometimes this thing happens but if occurs on regular basis then this is serious matter. This Erectile Dysfunction happens due to stress, smoking and alcohol consumption. You should go for ED treatment.
RobertPatrick responded:
It sounds like you have erectile dysfunction problem. Using some herbal remedies would help to get better results. Using ginseng, yohimbe or horny goat weed would help to eradicate erectile dysfunction.