Too Visual.
An_248109 posted:
I am 63 and fit and work out with my wife 3x/week.
I have had my testosterine level checked and adjusted, and I can tell the difference on manyt levels.

My problem seems to visualization, not knew to us men, however I very seldom come to climax with my wife, and resort ot oral sex for her, which is just fine for all.

I can masterbate by myself to a video but can not climax with my wife.
I have mentioned to her that I do not expect her to perform for me and it (does not) seem like she wants to either.

I know she feels like she is responcible and I do not want her to feel bad.

I am on viagra and Androl gel any other ideas for my visual problem?

Thanks for listening,

RobertPatrick responded:
You mentioned you are using viagra and androgel tell us does that really help you. And what are your T-levels.