Hard Knots?
Alexsmommy posted:
About 2 months ago my husband found 2 hard knots in his penis. It normally doesn't hurt except when he has an erection. He is unable to get a full erection also. Sometimes he has problems urinating too. We have not been able to have sex because of it. What could this be?
RobertPatrick responded:
Massage the area of knots i think this may help you.
JLGetch responded:
He really needs to get this checked out by a competent Urologist. Especially the comment about pain with erection.
He may have irreversible tissue damage, or as the other responder has advised, he may be able to "help" the hard knots by massaging them.
In any case, this is not to be taken lightly - get it checked immediately.
Could be caused by hard or rough sex or masturbation. Could be damage to the erectile chambers in the penis.
RobertPatrick replied to JLGetch's response:
Well i agree with you JL,,,
Alex should immediately consult doctor, as ignorance may led to some complication too.
Alexsmommy replied to RobertPatrick's response:
He did go to the doctor. The knots went away but he was still having the problem. His doctor said it sounded like low testosterone and took some blood. That came back positive so they had him go in to run a couple more test to see if anything was causing it.
RobertPatrick replied to Alexsmommy's response:
Go through the test that would help you to get the exact cause and would help to get the exact remedy for the problem. As low testosterone is due to number of reason. It would better to go for prescribed tests.