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Pain during ejaculation
pain71 posted:
I am currently 41 years old. My problems started in 2001. I have never had any STDs. Never had problems before then, suddenly I couldn't get an erection, but I could still have an orgasm. Starting in 2004 I starting have pain whenever I have an orgasm. The pain is below the waistline, right in the center, around thebladder area. A couple of inches right below the belly-button in the center. Pain level similar to a leg cramp. The pain would last the length of the orgasm. Then, for about 15 minutes after that, I would continue to feel like I need to have an orgasm. Also during this time, semem would slowly drain out. Also starting in 2004, I started to have problems having an orgasm with only achieving this about 50% of the time. Starting around 2011, I have started to get a partial erection, but nothing like prior to 2001. The partial erections would happen about 40% of the time, rest of the times I would have nothing. Also since 2004, after having an orgasm, I would hhave problems breathing, feel agitated, I would feel I have just had a large amount of caffiene. Very restless.

I saw a urologist in 2004 when the pain started. He stuck a camera up inside of me and checked my urinary track, bladder, and prostrate, but didn't find any problems. I also had a CAT-Scan done and couldn't find any problems. Since then I have talked with various doctors that I have seen for annual checkups, but they either didn't have any idea about the problem or didn't care and wanted to change the subject to something else. Currently I haven't found any doctor that has any idea of the problem. I still only get partial erections about 40% of the time, the rest nothing, and orgasms about 50% of the times. Also, as far as sensitivity, sometimes it hurts when I have an orgasm in the urinary tract, around 10% of the times I have an orgasim. No pain when I urinate. Also, I don't feel much from touch or any physical contact on the penis. Usually about the only thing I feel is some pain sometimes.

I also have colon problems. Starting in 1997, I started to have very painful diarrhea about twice a year. In 2004 after one of these episodes, I started to have the painful ejaculations. The pain is roughly in the same area for the diarrhea and ejaculations. In the last few years, the number of times I have painful diarrhea has increased to 2-3 times a month. I talked with doctors about this, but once again they have no idea what the problem might be.

Any ideas.
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
You have a complex situation, and it could be from a number of things. The painful rectal situation makes me worry about diverticulitis, a diverticular infection or abscess, Crohn's disease to name a few. Also pelvic floor spasms, though that would not explain diarrhea and blood. This NEEDS to be seen by a GI specialist ASAP. No delays.
The pain could be from blockage or scar of the ejaculatory ducts, or seminal vesicle infection or inflammation or prostatitis, chronic. In the old days decades ago when I handled these issues, we would treat men with a 6 week or more course of a broad spectrum antibiotic such as Cipro, Levaquin or even Sulfa - antibiotics that get good tissue levels in the prostate.
Pain down there associated with sex will reduce or kill erections and sex drive.
First go see a GI specialist and then see a urologist. If you have one that is not helping ,then go see another and feel free to travel to seek out a top level doctor.
pain71 replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
I been to two GI tract specialists, both done colonoscopies. Found no problems. Been to a urologist, did some tests, found no problems. I been denied health insurance, so I am limited to what doctors I can see.
nohard responded:
Hi What is below is something I copied, its from a guy from where I dont know, I know not all of it but do you think some of it matchs you and some of your syptoms.
Good Luck

Hi there everyone! I HAD the same problems for 8 months. I've seen at least 15 doctors in 3 countries then I finally went to a private clinic in my home town. They sent me to a spine clinic. The doc said my scoliosis causes the pain in my testicle(s) n all around that area. The muscle which moves my hip got shortened on the right side and cause of that a muscle in my right thigh was tighten constantly. That caused inflammation in my testicles which spreaded to my testicle cord, epididymis tummy and to my leg. I'm doing physiotherapy and I get triggerpoint massage too. Now I'M HEALTHY AGAIN! Please share this message to everyone who has similar problems. It was very scary that time I had to quit my jobs I thought I wont be able to work again. I'm sure not everybody has the same spine problem but maybe you do. It's important to check it out! Go to a spinde MRI then you'll see. Sorry for the typing I'm not an English speaker. Hope everyone gets better soon.
floridamenshealthcenter replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
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