Daily Viagra
mlacos posted:
I have ED 2yrs now Prostate removed . can i take viagra on a daily basis? i read some where that some guy took daily for couple of yrs
RobertPatrick responded:
Hi, mlacos..

I would suggest you to have doctor advice or if you want to use viagra, or any other medicine first it woudl be better to have review of it, or consult doctor for help, before using anything.
dfromspencer responded:
The label say's, not more than once in a 24hr. period. So, daily should be ok, but it is always best to ask your Dr. first.

Good luck, Dennis
RobertPatrick replied to dfromspencer's response:
Have you tried viagra...
krieb responded:
Yes. Neighbor had Prostatectomy 18 months ago and has not had an erection. Started taking Cialis 5mg daily and got an erection with a week. He says it's not the greatest, but get the job done. I had Prostatectomy 4 months ago. Been taking Levitra a few nights a week. My doctor put me on Cialis 5mg daily, but says there is no evidence to prove that this is the "magic bullet". Good luck.