Pain on the underside of penis near the tip
ckeffin posted:
have been having pain on the underside of my penis near the tip almost daily for years. could this be related to some sort of tug on the tubing of the penis near the tip? if so how do i correct this issue? i notice that this pain is increased when the level of sexual activity is increased be it masturbation or sexual intercourse. ejaculations can become somewhat uncomfortable. with subsequent ejaculations the pain gets worse. the underside is sensitive to the touch and i have some tip of the penis pain. it is not an std as i havent had sex in years.
An_248715 responded:
it is a very sensitive part and you should take care of it. You will notice that some men with prostatitis have pain at the base of thepenis, while other men with the same diagnosis have pain at the tip of the penis. Better you should Consult the doctor.