age 39 male
blue08 posted:
does erection decrease in 39 years old male as compare to 25 years old male.

Please explain at what age erection decrease.

abe648 responded:
Ed can happen at any age and so I would recommend that you talk with your Doc. There are many factors as to why you may not be getting erections. A fulll work up by your Doc at this point would be helpful. do not be afraid to be honest with your Doc and tell him or her what is going on. They have heard it all before and they need to know everththing so they can help you.
nohard responded:
Hi Blue, I've been through, now as I live in Greece I did all my own research, and now in recovery, I did a post on it, its titaled DRUGS VERSUS HERBS, HERBS MY CHOICE, If you google that it will take you to it, its herbs and a hormone, please give it a good read and a 12 week trial.
But at 39 you should not be having any erection problems unless you ahve ED showing itself, and that you dont want, and I got it at 63 and now at 65 OK.
Good Luck