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Can't keep up erecetion during intercourse post using pump
Mikes1977 posted:

After my break up 2 years ago, (I guess I got some confidence issues about my dick - average size) I tried out dick extension pump to make my dick larger. It was a great experience until I realized that I may have over-extended my dick and I had problem keeping it up without a dick pill while pumped. To keep it short, I have in the last year had NO problem jerking off 7-10 times a week (been doing that since age of 14), however, I can't keep it hard during intercourse and my dick seems to have shrunk too, specially when it is soft (feels like there is nothing holding the penis and that it has fallen off its base). I can get it up, however, it will go num while having intercourse. I have easier time to get off with oral sex though. I wonder if this is due to over ejaculation (my dick getting used to a firm fist - I love jerking off) or due to tissue damage? Please advise... Thank you!
nohard responded:
Hi Mike, I think you have come to the point of overmasturbating and its time to take a break, you've not said anything about doing it to porn, but dont worry, but the answer to men who masturbate to porn and get porn enduced ED and it works with men who have overmasturbated, is to take an 8 week break, is a sabbatical from masturbating and any sexual contact, the reason for this is that it allows your body to reboot and get back to normal.
Good Luck
RobertPatrick responded:
As you mention you are unable to get hard erection, i think eating food like chocolate may help you to get better erection.
nohard responded:
HI mike, if you've taken my advice and are doing the 8 week sabbatical, when you finish come back to me, I have a herbal way that may help you get better erections, but at the end of your 8 weeks your body should be rebooted, so you can see how things are going, but dont go back to 10 times a week masturbating, just try cutting back to 5.
Good Luck
RobertPatrick replied to nohard's response:
Does taking break from masturbation help to get erection. Have you tried it.
nohard replied to RobertPatrick's response:
Hi Mike, taken this break will help you forward to erections, the idea behaind it is if you do this it gives your whole body time to relax and get over things, that you have been putting your body through, its not just the masturbating, but over masturbating gives big problems to your body.
Sorry no I have not tried it but have answered lots of guys who have the problem, if you need more info just google porn enduced ED and over masturbating, lots to read, just like I did for other guys.
Good Luck
RobertPatrick replied to nohard's response:
Well, thanks for the reply.

I googled porn induced Ed and found some useful info..
As per penis erection is concerned i think using some herbal medicines or using kegel exercise help to get things better.
erectz replied to RobertPatrick's response:
Does chocolate really help for erection?
RobertKristen responded:
Hi mike ,

The best option for u is to have a break , and limit your times a u mention u r doing it 10 times pr/week ...its a excess loss of your bodyfluid ...
restore your body fluid by having a break , wait some time to be in normal condition can solve your erection problem too !!
RobertPatrick replied to erectz's response:
oh sure chocolate act as aphrodisiac and it improves the sex drive. No doubt about it...

Chocolate help to get better libido, and use of some herbal remedies along with chocolate help to get better erection. It is sure helpful.
stevesmw responded:
Pleasing a woman goes way beyond your dick. Nothing wrong with average size. Sex should be pleasurable for both partners.

Orgasming isn't a big deal for you. You can do it anytime you
want masturbating. Your masturbation technique is messing up your penise's response during intercourse. Retrain it so you can stay hard a log time and don't worry about having an orgasm. Try to use your hand like it is a vagina, Be gentle, caress it and use plenty of lubrication. When your having intercourse, relax and try to feel everything. Nothing is more exciting than feeling your partner's vagina spasming around your penis. I've always have had a very high sex drive and masturbated a lot even when I was having frequent intercourse. Recovery time shouldn't be an issue until you pass 50.
RobertPatrick replied to stevesmw's response:
I agree with you...
feeling and enjoying every moment of sex help to get more pleasure and it also improves stamina...

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