Erectile Dysfunction and Pre-mature Ejaculation
VkeshavB posted:
Hi Doctor I am 28years old Physical Trainer in Gym. Actually i had night fall 8-9times in a month and had very hard errections that made me so uneasy to sleep, so doctor prescribed me Serlift50 an antidepressant for 3 months but i continued by-mistake for 3years. Now i had observed the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. I am a physical trainer with lean muscle fit with good physique. I do 30-40 minutes intse-cardio workouts as well as muscle workouts for 1.30 hrs. Just want to know i had stopped this tablet 2months back, so when will the side effects will be fully removed from body? I am going through Ayurvedic Medical treatment right now. And also doing Pelvic , kegel exercises 3 times in a day. Please let me know when do the side effect of this Anti depressant will be fully removed. Exercise, Non exercise and Medications please let me know all. I have erection when i sleep and and when i masturbate erection is not that hard and it doesn't sustain for long time. Sensitivity is near to nil. What time it will take to recover full?
Right now i am going through allopathic medication of Urologist and Sexologist with Flunam(Fluoxetine Hcl 20mg) And Royal Spark.
I had been through every tests like Testesteron, Urine, Sprem Blood Sugar, Thyroid, etc those are all normal.
RobertPatrick responded:
As you mention you are doing kegel exercise i think that would help you to get better. Use natural treatment and i hope that would help you to get better soon.
VkeshavB replied to RobertPatrick's response:
But i want result soon. I mean when will be the toxins of anti-depressant will be flushed out fully?