28 year old having problems
An_249027 posted:
I am actually writing hoping to help my husband, he has been having some problems lately. he does not get an erection like he use to and can not keep it sometimes. This really bothers him, but does not like to talk about it. I am not sure how to help him.
RobertPatrick responded:
Take him to Dr. that would be the best remedy.
dfromspencer responded:
I don't know how old your husband is? As men age, we sometimes experience a loss of erection. It could be many things, like stress, overthinking, overweight, diabetes, injury to veins, too many to list. Have him see his primary care doctor. And, if it so happens he has a sexual disfunction, have his doctor recomend he see an Urologist.

Good luck!

RobertPatrick replied to dfromspencer's response:
I agree with dennis consulting doctor is the best option to treat the problem.