Male Enhancement
An_249309 posted:
I am 18 years old and i was wondering if taking male enhancement pills specifically VigRX, would actually improve my size and not do any damage?
stevesmw responded:
Anything you take, either prescription or herbal is going to do two things; increase the amount of blood to your penis or help keep it there. If you are as hard as a typical 18 year old, the product won't make a difference.
nohard responded:
Hi If you want to improve you size try jelqing and streaching, for these google pegym, and onthere find the beginners page for both and take it from there , but dont try and push it or rush the program or you will end up with ED, just do as they say.
Good Luck
RobertPatrick responded:

Vigrx will help you to get better erection no doubt. But it has some limitations too. I think before using it you should read vigrx reviews to know it better.