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An_249318 posted:
experience week erections, and not always able to get it up when required. i have been tried herbals, cialis, etc. i no longer respond as well as i would have wanted. pavarine+ injections do give me a very hard one. but i keep wondering whats not in place for me not to get it as hard. i there something that needs to be checked as well?
nohard responded:
Hi you say you tried the herbal way was this with a shop bought mix, or was this from things like Tribulsu, Cayenne, Garlic, Grenn tea and Ginger, these are part of a mix I use, but if you can get semis, have you thought of a cock ring, I have one from myhardwear its a hardwear ice, gives great boners, if you go on there site you will see it put on and how to use it, and they say you can get a semi, then this will get you there.
Good Luck
cinamika replied to nohard's response:
thanks nohard, i have never tried rings..but are they not dealing with the symptoms and not the cause? i would like to understand why these other options are not making much of a difference.
stevesmw responded:
Without you sharing personal information, all I can suggest is you get checked out by a urologist. I always had strong erections, but I know now that my age, weight and blood pressure medication are factors. I've tried low dose cialis and 20mg levitra without much success. I take about 6 grams of horny goat weed which contains Epimedium and that is about as effective and a lot cheaper. In my own situation, I significant think weight loss would improve my erections. I could probably get my blood pressure lower and be able to stop taking blood pressure meds. Having a spare tire also negatively impacts erections. I can't do much about my age.
nohard responded:
Hi Again try this then, reasons for not getting erections can be these.
To little sleep,
High coestrol.
Meds are big erections killers.
Middle aged spread.
Self image.
Low libido.
Low testosterone.
And your health.
Also it can be pre curser for heart problem, and not forgetting we are what we eat, so eating wrong is bad for a sex life.
So if yoiur not healthy then get healthy, if your overweight then get on a diet, if you dont exercise then get out and do something about it, brisk walking and swimming are to two best things you can do for your health, and if you want to go the herbal way, remember its all down to the mix of them, get that bit right and your off to a good sex life.
So its either trying to work it out yourself of off to the doctor and start there for tests.
Good Luck
RobertPatrick responded:
Well I think first get your testosterone level check. I have tried cialis but it didn't help me out. Using herbal remedies help me, i think you should go for some natural remedy.
An_249506 responded:
I had a similar situation evolving then a cancer surgery finished me off. I was diagnosed with venous leakage, the surgery apparently added nerve damage (retention and incontinence, maybe more ED complications). Before surgery herbal or prescribed meds., but diminishing in effect over time.
I saw a Urologist after surgeries and we started with Injections but my big problem is venous leakage, so it wouldn't maintain long enough to finish. I'd need a ring, at least. (ouch, ouch, ouchouchouch), The prescribed pump would get me to a great start, but again, rings are needed to maintain when the pump is removed; too much pain to proceed with coitus.

Huge next step recently was to have an implant. After 45 days, it's gone from a lot of constant pain to tolerable pain occasionally. Doctor cleared me to start using the pump last week; it causes intense pain, effectively useless for now. First few attempts were excruciating (imagine your erection crushed flat in a vice) - but that supposed to go away with more use. Doctor recommended pumping up 1X a day until then and eventually reducing it to at least once a week.

I'm going to go through the unavoidable pain (or no gain) until it proves itself, or six months. It's not usable for ANY purpose yet; no pleasurable sensation is possible with such pain. I intend to find it usable in time. I'd like to hear from others who've stuck it out as to their difficulties and eventual results with implant surgery.

So I sympathize with your situation and advise seeing a urologist; go through the testing and steps toward a solution. Definitely try the ring first, with herbs or meds, before getting a pump. Rings are available cheaply and discretely through any adult store or on line. If you can't take the pain of the ring, then don't waste your time with a vacuum pump. Shots aren't painful. I've used Testosterone in several forms before finding injections work best for me; least hassle.

Good luck!
gringofeliz replied to nohard's response:
NOHARD: You missed prostate cancer remedies. I had radical prostatectomy in '99 and hadn't been able to get a real one until I went to the Md Men's Health Clinic, Dr. Eric Hornsby. His injected medication, custom formulated to fit the need, works or else there in no charge. He also has me use a testosterone cream daily which helps my overall physical strength. I've heard from men who had radiation with some good, some not good results so far as potency. With the surgery, one doesn't generate seman and often the tube carrying the sperm is redirected to the bladder, but the sensation can be good and of course, no mess to cope with. Depending on how "romantic," or "arousable" the man is it can be worth it.

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