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penile implant surgery and pain
Ken_R_C posted:
I recently had a penile implant surgery, an AMS 700 MS. After 45 days, it's gone from the expected significant constant pain to constant tolerable pain, before I tried it.

The Doctor cleared me to start using the pump last week - first few practice attempts were excruciating (imagine your erection crushed flat in a vice) - but that supposed to go away with more practice.
Coitus is unthinkable. Afterwards pants are painful for the rest of the day, even with a jock strap (and I'm used to pain- seven major cancer surgeries (w/60 days in hospital in a year), chemo-radiation-chemo, my gall bladder, and two spinal surgeries for painful herniated discs...)

My Doctor recommends pumping up 1X a day until pain goes away (3 -6 months?), then eventually reducing it, but pumping up at least once a week.

I intend to find it usable in time. I'm going to go through this unavoidable pain until it proves itself, or at least six months. How long can I expect the daily pain regimen to go on before it gets better? Will I eventually get to the point of pleasurable sensation?

I'd like to hear from others who've stuck it out as to their experience with pain over time, any pain management tips, and how long it took to eventually get to successful results with their implant surgery. Did anyone eventually opt for removal due to pain - and if so, how long did you go before giving up?
nohard responded:
HiKen, I'm not puttin web md down by saying this, but have a look on there are a lot of guys on there with pumps, and using them, you may find it a big help.
Good Luck
Seasons Greetings
An_249576 responded:
Ken, I am not familiar with that particular device, but I had an implant done in 1997 and the dr. told me nothing about pain to be expected so you an imagine my surprise when I took it for a 'test drive'. I crashed through two telephone poles, a cement barrier, and into a parked bus before I got it under control. He told me to make sure I had it replaced inside of 7 years because that was the 'mileage' built into it. It is now 2012 and I feel like there are a few miles left in it. Unfortunately, when they put it in the dr. snipped all sensation to the head of it and it has been as dead as my second wife is since then. About as useless as a door stop on a submarine. Good luck on your venture. Oh yes, the pain will eventually go away, and perhaps be replaced with frustration. Sorry about the cheery letter, but it's the facts you need, not false hopes.
LivingProof responded:
I had the Coloplast Titan OTR implanted in March, 2010. For 2 months I experienced severe pain. When I went to a follow-up visit with my surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he said that I had the "Tex Ritter walk" typical of his penile implant patients. After 3 months, the pain was completely gone, and I was able to have normal sexual relations with my wife. Every time my wife and I have sex we thank the surgeon for the "miracle" he gave us.

I highly recommend that you contact my surgeon, Dr. Arthur Burnett, for a second opinion. To check on his amazing credentials, please click on the following Web site:
Wilsondavid responded:
Hi Ken I had my surgery on 1 /11/13. It has been A journey. Only been 4 months. I went from 7 in To 4 1/2. I pump it everyday. It still hurts. I have Hard time with trying to find right underware. I have to sit and pee it sucks. It drips out after. I am hoping that stops. I still get hard with the pump Natural. Weird!! I had sex 3 times. I know in time It will get better. I just don't like the feeling still. The pump is a pain. I have to keep moving it. The head is soft . I had mine done in Philidelphia Pa
fnagrich responded:
I just had the titan implant put in 17 days ago. I have pain when i stand and walk around. When I sit or ly down pain subsides. I am curved to the left somewhat now, but Will this nawing pain in the penis subside?
An_257345 replied to fnagrich's response:
I had mine done 43 days ago ,,,,,was told to "pump it up" and leave it there for an hour each day....I try but can"t stand the pain for an hour....the size is smaller than I expected and have not had sex because of the pain....does anyone believe that this situation is really going to improve?
apollo999 replied to An_257345's response:
I am 4 weeks post op now, and most all the pain is long since gone. Now, my flaccid penis is as large as erection before. Doc hasn't pumped me up yet. that is supposed to happen on 7/21. I found that alternating ice packs and heat packs helped more than anything. Also, use hot water directly in the penis area from your shower head. I did that every day, as hot as I could stand it for at least 10 minutes. When you sit, pick up your scrotum first, then sit. Try to prevent dragging your scrotum. I avoid any type of pajamas. Go bare in bed. This will prevent mashing and twisting those parts.

Hang in there. Time is your best friend. Don't pick up heavy objects, and protect that area like it was gold.

Best of Luck


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