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Possible ED issues
bfield posted:
So I'm not exactly sure where to start, so I'll just begin by saying that I'm a bit of younger guy in my 20's. I'm married and not too much to really complain about. I'm originally from Colorado, but my husband and I had to move out to Connecticut back in September. Ever since about mid October, I've had an issue with getting an erection/keeping an erection. I thought it was a one time thing and saw nothing of it, but now it's become almost every single time we do something sexual. I've scoped around the net to see what it could be and I am at a loss. I have never had this issue. I'm not really all that stressed out or anxious. I am usually "turned on", but my penis just won't get erect. I've talked to my husband and he's being patient, but I just don't know where else to turn. If there's anyone that can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
More4mePlz responded:
Any chance that you're masturbating to porn lately? I've recently learned that men that masturbate to porn very frequently can end up having erectile dysfunction during normal sexual activity.
bfield replied to More4mePlz's response:
No. If I do masturbate, it's very rarely. I'm not crazy sexual, but I do enjoy sex. I don't enjoy porn often.
RobertPatrick responded:
do you use to masturbate regularly or too much.
As excess masturbation is also a cause for erectile dysfunction.
nohard responded:
Hi, Ok please try my way out of ED its all herbs and a hormone, just google DRUGS VERSUS HERBS, HERBS MY CHOICE, and ditto with ,DAILY INTAKE, on the end, Have had ED and now in recovery from what you can read, try a 12 week trial, and see just how it goes.
Good Luck
bfield replied to RobertPatrick's response:
I used to masturbate regularly. I would say about three times a week. Nothing out of this world.
bfield replied to RobertPatrick's response:
I used to masturbate regularly. I would say about three times a week. Nothing out of this world.
stevesmw replied to More4mePlz's response:
I've masturbated frequently for over 50 years. I didn't have ed issues until I was over 60. I have enough memories that I use, so porn isn't necessary. Masturbation is done rather quickly so premature ejaculation is the more likely consequence. Masturbation technique that involves a lot of force and friction can cause orgasms to be difficult during intercourse.Men with this problem need to either stop masturbating or learn to masturbate in a way that is more similar to intercourse. Their penis needs to be retrained.
doogood responded:
bfield - any new medications that you've been taking since the move? Many, many, MANY prescriptions can interfere in a physical manner with your erection. From my personal experience, when I first started taking an anti-anxiety med there were issues where I was mentally and emotionally turned on but I couldn't get or stay hard. I lowered the dosage after talking to my doc and with a little time to get the levels adjusted in my system and using alternatives to get me through that time (a cock strap worked great to keep me excited and keep my mental focus on enjoying myself and not worry about if I could keep an erection going) I can say that I'm still going strong! In other words, there's a reason behind what's going on. Be patient, use whatever resources you can - doctors, therapists, friends - and don't forget your hubby - to get to the bottom of the issue and I'm sure you'll be back in the saddle again! Doug
bfield replied to doogood's response:
Thanks Doug! Your words of encouragement are great!

No new meds though. I don't take any medication except for the occasional acetaminophen. I have to wait for insurance to roll in to see a doctor, but it's my plan. I'm glad you got everything going good for you I have a couple of cock straps that I've tried, but so far it still isn't working.
RobertPatrick replied to bfield's response:
3 times a week , its ok
Tell me do u have any stress or tension in your relationship...

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