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WTF is wrong with me?!?
An_249700 posted:
No real clue where to start, so I am a 27 year or guy. I am having huge problems when having sex, because I am coming really really fast and I basically lost my last grilfriend because of it... Not sure if it was the only reason, because I also lost my confidence but thats another story.

So I was trying some stuff, like breathing techniques and slowing down before I am going to blow my load, but whenever I am trying this, I am having problems keeping an erection. Also sometimes during sex I am having problems getting an erection, especially when being drunk, but I guess thats normal? For example with my girlfriend, we were trying to have sex but either I couldnt keep an erection up or I came to fast...

Right now I have no clue what to do, and this is really hurting me. Happy for any advice!
stevesmw responded:
You need to find the right girlfriend. Someone who will work with you on your issues. I have a very high sex drive and tended to orgasm to quickly. I would rather not orgasm than orgasm to quickly because I want to have complete control of my orgasm response. Losing your erection is because you are stressed over your performance.

First thing, give your partner some nice orgasms by any means necessary and then have intercourse where you are trying to last as long as possible. Withdraw if necessary.The more controlled intercourse you have the more control over your orgasm you will have. Trying to give your partner an orgasm through straight intercourse and a little foreplay is not that easy. The motion that provides her the most satisfaction might be the one that makes you orgasm the quickest. The more sex you have the more control you develop. I started getting really good control when I was dating two women at the same time. They were both aware that the relationship was not exclusive. Eventually I was able to recognize how close I was to orgasming and then keep myself from orgasming. I'd rather have ten near orgasms then one orgasm. If you can get to the point where you can last 5 minutes, you can last indefinitely.
nohard responded:
Hi An, first you need to go to and on there look for edging, this is an exersize to slow you down.
Getting drunk and sex dont mix, have some wine with a lady friend and then sex OK it relaxs you both.
Your loss of erections during sex, anxiety, it gets set in your brain, you failed once or twice, and if you let this play on your mind it gets worst, and the problem gets bigger, look I'm not sure how often your masturbating, and are you doing it to porn, if so its time to take a break, we surggest with porn enduced ED they take an 8 week break from all forms of sex, masturbating and any sexual contact, this way it reboots your body, and thsi kind of break would do you the world of good, would give you time to recharge your body, but keep of the alcohol, fast foods, junk foods and fizzy drinks, get out and exercise, then after the 8 weeks get back in the game all freash.
Good Luck
Shadowwalker replied to nohard's response:
I know that getting drunk sex is not the best mix, I just happened after going out.
I dont think that I am masturbating too much, I guess its once a day on average and yes most of the time it is to porn.
So what would you think I should do? I mean I cant rly take that break to reboot my body and in the same moment do those edging exersizes.
So should I just take that 8 week break from now on and after that time start exersizing?
Thanks for advice
RobertPatrick responded:
Eat chocolate and oysters as they can help you to get better erection or libido. I think you should try vigrx it will help you.
And your erection problem is due to improper blood flow to the penile area.

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