horney goat weed
that4sure posted:
as anyone tried horney goat weed.
stevesmw responded:
I take 3000mg of Source HGW, twice a day and there is absolutely a positive efffect. Since it is a herb the effectiveness will vary by manufacturer. I started noticing ED symptoms about 3 years ago and I wish I had tried it then.
Now, it helps me get a moderate erection.
nohard responded:
Hi 4 sure, Horny goat weed may work wonders fro the guy next door and have no effect on you why, its just like any drug, what works for just has no effect on you, its the same with any ED drug or herb and hormone, you will find it will take a mix with herbs to get things going, I have f 4 posts on franktalk.org, and they all cover what I take and how much I take, and 2 more with links, just go and give them a read.
Good Luck