Trying a new herb
stevesmw posted:
Horny Goat Weed works for me. Yohimbe works but at 1000mg it makes me jittery. 500mg less jittery, but not as effective.

Purtitan's Pride had a sale with $10 off and free shipping so I went to their sexual health section and took a look at what they had. I won't buy combination supplements because they have a little of a lot.
I bought some L-Arginine. I have tried it before and didn't seem to make any difference. I'll try taking it longer. I looked at Tribulus Terrestris but ruled it out because I have prostate issues. I also rule out anything that increases testosterone for the same reason. I decided to try Muira Puama. I'm hoping I get the benefits of Yohimbe without the side effects.

Poul1986 responded:
As far as I have known, herbs are not actually a guarantee for solving prostate issues and erection problems. The underlying cause of these conditions are hormonal activities, and these herbs does not help in blocking these enzyme activities, although they can slightly improve health conditions. You can also refer to this link for more info