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My husband has ED , how can I talk to him about my sexual needs and not make him upset with me, It is hard for me to talk about this and not get emabarssed ?
An_250601 posted:
This a hard for me to talk to him about this matter. I want him to touch me and bring me to orgasm , If it was me and i could not have sex with him , I would make sure i assisted him to pleasure him. I would not want him to go somewhere else. I would never go somewhere else to have sex,or get another partner. I am devoted to my husband , and I am here for him . It is just so hard at times, I feel so unsexy , this is important to me. He has been to the Dr. and is taking shots for this problem of Low T but he has high LDL cholesteral so we have to get that down too. I know there is more to marriage than making love , I do miss it so much. I could count on my 2 hands how many times we had sex in the 4yrs. I love my husband so much ,if anyone can give me advice much thanks, and God Bless.
RobertPatrick responded:
Well the first thing to do is to cut down cholesterol. As due to cholesterol the arteries carrying blood to the penile area which are responsible for erection when aroused or stimulated gets blocked resulting in low blood supply to penile area causing erectile issues. The best way to deal this problem is to lower down cholesterol. Tell me to change his lifestyle habits. Do swimming, running and try to lose weight. Another thing to do is to eat food like bananas, chocolate, oysters etc, which can help to get better testosterone level helping him to get better sex drive. Also you can use some medicine by consulting doctor or you can use some herbal medicine or herbs like saw palmetto, horny goat weed etc, to get rid of this Ed problem of your husband. And i am sure he will be ok, if you try to change his lifestyle and most importantly try to understand his need and want. Best of luck.....
nohard responded:
Hi You can start to get his LDL down by giving him a mix of persily and garlic in olive oil, very good for him, do a whole head at a time and get him to take it 3 times a day, cayenne also helps as this will help get rid of the plaque in his blood this will help his blood run better, I take this for ED recovery, I mix my cayenne with tomato paste and thin with olive oil, now he can mix the garlic in the cayenne mix and take 3 small spoonfuls 3 times a day, this will also bring heat down below, if you get the picture, now get him on some green tea, get him to take this with ginger, lemon and honey, all very good for his blood, I beleave if we can get our blood working good then the erections will be good, works for me.
Good Luck
nohard responded:
Sorry should read parsily? must get a new key board or a new brain.
joankirk999 responded:
Weak erections may have variety of causes. Main causes were

1) Health problems like High blood pressure and Diabetes
2) Unbalanced diet. Overeating of oil foods block the blood flow from heart to penis.
3) Life style factors such as lack of exercise, smog, drugs and stress.

All the above mentioned factors responsible for block of blood flow from heart to penis. Whenever blood flow decreases, then there is less possibility for strong erections. So he must be free from health problems, smog, drugs, stress and also he must have balanced diet in order to have strong erections.
gringofeliz responded:
Even if he can't get the urge, he should help you by arousing and pleasuring you. If he can't get stiff he can use a dildo after proper foreplay. Maybe helping you he will get the urge. You might try playing one of Klixen's tutorials on your computer while he's pleasuring you will stimulate him. Go to All of her's do wonders for the libido.
ammymickens responded:
My boyfriend is 26, really had an issue with it staying hard for long. Was introduced to Power pill by a work colleague. Works amazingly! No side effects, and our sex life is amazing
SmithWood responded:
Ladies perform an important position inside the treatment of erection dysfunction seen in adult men. Pertaining to gentleman, if the ladies turn into supporting next males can recuperate swiftly from the male impotence. The foremost important things for the man is explain to for you to their lady concerning the difficulty he or she is facing, however guys feel bashful and avoid this specific. Hence, it's the duty with the ladies to create person talk to her regarding their problems. Females should create gentleman comfortable with the woman's to ensure that man can feel absolve to talk to her. Occasionally males have problems with the particular erection dysfunction as a consequence of pressure they are feeling to indicate their own overall performance during the sexual activity. Females should allow adult men to wind down and should try to reduce his or her efficiency anxiousness force.
azgidget1 replied to SmithWood's response:
My husband and I have been dealing with his ED for 8 yrs now. We separated for 2.5 yrs while he was in a VA center dealing with alcoholism and PTSD. He also has diabetes, and lung cancer in remission. He came back, because I couldn't see him homeless, in a RV at -3 degrees. From the beginning we have always talked about it. In fact, in the beginning he started making jokes about it. Me too. It kind of help with the hurt. We talk when he came back, no more jokes. I do miss the intimate times, but I see very little changing our "room mate" situation. Since we are Christians, I will stand by him the best I can. In sickness and in health. Its hard work enough to work on fixing my marriage. He said, I never knew him sober. Its water behind the bridge, we will just have to find other ways to enjoy our marriage. Been married 25 yrs.
Wilsondavid replied to nohard's response:
I am 46.i had a penile implant 4 months ago. It is a option to discuss. I am still a lot if Pain but each day better. My wife has helped Me a lot thru this
Chef123 responded:
Anonymous, I take blood pressure meds myself and results in difficult staying power for erections. A nutritionist turned me on to Glycine powder, its an amino acid specifically for male organ health. I take 3/4 TS twice a day and half hour before sex. It's a miracle and I last twice as long as I did before the meds.

50 yr old white male, fairly good health, a few extra lbs
RobertPatrick responded:
Hello Ma'am, i go through your query, and can understand that how it feels and how much courage you need to experience it and share your problem here.I will try to give you some suggestions;

1. Let make your hubby emotionally strong by encouraging him, and share his problems and his own complexity that he face.
2. Try to bring back love again in your life, bu doing the things that he most liked, not just by sex, tease him. make him to do some adventure.
3. Some food are also helpful in increasing testosterone level, make a diet plan and give him that food as much as possible.
4. If all these won't work, then you can go for best natural male enhancement product available in the market.

Hope this will help you!
Chef123 replied to Chef123's response:

I said Glycine powder, it's L-Cittruline that I take for mild ED. The Glycine is another supplement for blood pressure, stress control....sorry for the mistake!

gringofeliz replied to gringofeliz's response:
Further to his pleasuring you, assuming he's willing. You might try fondling him. If he can't get a hard-on, hopefully he's interested in a solution which has high "success" reports from men...go to for more commentary. Yes, it works and without known side effects. Sometimes, people (male and female) are not comfortable tallking about sex. So you might try various subtle approaches. People react differently. You might try playing a clip from 7373 while he's asleep. Following the hand movements of Klixen or Daniela while he's asleep might have good results. After a few times of this subtle pleasuring of him, pleasure yourself, maybe with a vibrator. Maybe he will take over and bring you to orgasm. Different people have different subjective responses is my point so don't assume negatively just because one try doesn't work.
gringofeliz replied to Chef123's response:
go to PHGH seems to have an excellent record of fulfillment and their pricing and marketing are not "boraxy."

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