Is Bazooka Pills the best brand product of male enhancement?
NickJohn posted:
Erection is the big problem to have sex.Does it help the male orgasm to be more intense?
stevesmw responded:
They could be, but it is very likely that all of these pills are worthless. Any product that claims a 3 inch increase after 6 months can't be taken seriously.

Here's a link to a site that reviews the product:

Here's how I check out supplements. Find out the ingredients and amounts. Use Webmd to see what info they have on individual ingredients; studies and side effects. Read reviews on Amazon for the individual ingredients and some multi ingredient supplements. Amazon doesn't sell
bazooka but they do have other male enhancement supplements. The amount is critical. I take Horny goat weed and occasionally Yohimbe. I started taking HGW 2000mg twice a day and have increased the amount with slightly better results. I have experimented with Yohimbe which is risky. The recommended dosage is 2000mg. This almost made me ill and had a strong effect on my erection. 750-1000mg positive effect with less side effects. 500mg no effect on my erection and virtually no side effects. Extenze contains 12.5 mg of Yohimbe. If I get no benefit from 500mg what can I expect from 12.5 .
DavidEvans responded:
Bazooka pills are free from side effects. It is good brand for male enhancement. It improves the circulation of blood flow to the penis and also increases the testosterone levels. You can check out for more details