LOW T; High Risk Prostate Cancer-Any help for lack of Interest in Sex?
koltov posted:
I hope Dr. Marks or someone else can help with this.

I'm 58. For years I've had low interest in sex and difficult maintaining erections and even getting a hard enough erection for sex. Blood tests over the years confirmed that I have low T. At one point a urologist prescribed Androgel for me. But when I read that testosterone hormone treatments may increase risk of prostate cancer I checked back with the doctor. There's a strong history of prostate cancer in my family: my brother at 62, my father at 70, his first cousin died earlier of prostate cancer, my cousins....up and down my father's side of the family. The urologist immediately took me off the Androgel.

My question is whether there is anything I can do to help elevate my interest in sex and help with the erections. I've taken Cialis and Viagra and while they seem to help a bit with erection, it doesn't help the VERY low libido.

I'm divorced and started to date and I don't want this to be a deal-breaker for a new love interest.