I too have lack of feeling in the penis
befuddled1965 posted:
I have had lack of feeling in the penis for 23 years now. I am a gay 47 year old male top who is looking for answers. With much difficulty I can get an erection and ejaculate, but there is no pleasure. During all of my sexual intercourse with men I have never pleased my partner nor myself. Doctors have not been helpful. I have never had back or groin injuries. I first had lack of feeling in my penis when I was beginning to realize I was gay, back in 1990, when I was still a virgin and contemplating becoming sexually active. I do believe the onset was psychological, despite the fact I masturbated several times a day. Sometimes I would hinder the ejaculation by closing off the tip of my penis. Since the affliction I have masturbated only a few times, often going years without so doing. However, I had one brief respite from my affliction when I went off of my medications in 2006. I had been taking 8mg a day of Risperidone and 20mg a day of Fluoxetine. The pleasure was back to where it had been before the onset of the affliction. However I began to worry about contracting AIDS from a prospective non-actualized sexual encounter and feelings of anxiety set in. I lost feeling in my penis and went back on the meds. It has been this way ever thus. I am searching for answers before alcohol overcomes my life. This forum has been rewarding to me in that I am not the only one struggling with this problem, so I don't feel so alone - despite the fact that I dislike that others have been so afflicted. So continue to post and tell me what is helpful and what works. I hope I have not been too much of a downer. My life is rewarding. Thanks.
ontbear responded:
go to a therapist and face the underline situtition -- your homosexual behavior
befuddled1965 replied to ontbear's response:
I have seen a psychiatrist for most of the last 23 years. That is how I got my prescriptions. By your post, ontbear, I am unsure supportive of gay people - are you. Homosexuality is not a disorder. Please clarify your position. Thanks for posting.