ED or Something Else
An_251635 posted:
Hello, I am a young male in need of serious help or guidance as to what my issue is and if there are any possible cures.

I am currently coming to notice that I have an erection that points downwards and falls (failing to erect up). I know the exact reason for this was due to misguidance and my mistake of masterbating while lying on my stomach since a child. Since - I still acheived stiffening and could ejaculate I never noticed that I may have damanged my own penis.

I noticed that this was a major problem when I turned 18 as I came across what an erection really looks like.

I recently visited the Urologist who spoke to me for a few moments and entirely disregarded my case, saying that he will not be able to help me with the shape, or droppiness.

I am assuming that my penis does not trap enough blood, and or I may have broken, shaped my ligaments and thus it no longer erects out or upwards.

Is there even a cure? Am I in big trouble? or will this stick with me regardless of following any treatment?

I don't want a life of misery or low-self esteem ahead and I'd like to know if there is even a way to help me.

Thanks to anyone who understands my concerns and aims to respond with intelligent and guiding responses.

RobertPatrick responded:

Symptoms & Types
Erectile dysfunction is different from other problems that affect sexual intercourse. Listed here are home elevators the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, and whether treatment is needed or not.

Erectile Dysfunction Indicators
Being unable to have or keep an erection ample for sex could be the defining mark of erectile dysfunction. The situation may possibly manifest itself in a number of ways.

Emotional Erectile Dysfunction
All things considered, erections do begin in the brain.

Priapism is just a persistent, frequently painful, erection that continues for significantly more than four hours and happens without sexual stimulation.

Peyronie's Illness
Peyronie's illness is due to scarring, called plaque, which forms along the size of the penis in the corpora cavernosa.