Peyronie's disease
An_248274 posted:
Well I am diagnosed for PD and doctor has asked me to wait for sometime. What are natural remedies that I take? Sex is painful. Upon erection I get pain.
Chris_Evans responded:
Peyronie's ailment is a condition in which a plaque (a thickened, solidified bit of tissue) structures on one side of the penis. Assuming that the plaque comes to be expansive enough, it diminishes adaptability of the penis. Throughout erection, the less-adaptable part of the penis unfolds to a lesser degree, making the penis bow. Torment might happen too. Extreme bend of the penis can make intercourse challenging or even outlandish.

Chief Proposed Natural Treatments

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: L-carnitine is an amino harsh corrosive the form uses to transform oversized into vigor. It is not generally acknowledged a supplement in light of the fact that the form can produce all it needs.

Paraminobenzoic Acid: Para-aminobenzoic harsh corrosive (Paba) has been recommended for a mixture of illnesses in which unusual tissue is included, incorporating Peyronie's illness

Other Proposed Natural Treatments

Vitamin E

Herb Gotu Kola