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Erectile Dysfunction at 26?
ItUsedToBeHuge posted:
Before I go to the doctor and embarrassingly tell her that I think I have erectile dysfunction, is it even possible to get at 26 years old?
My diet isnt the best around as I do eat a lot of junk but I still eat my veggies with every meal, meats and potatoes and all that. I average 7 hours of sleep a night. I ride my bike 2-3 times a week for an average of 10 miles. I do physical work so I'm not just sitting around all day.
I do drink a lot though, on the weekends only though. Up until about 4 months ago I was a smoker but a light smoker. Mostly just when I was drinking and maybe 2-3 a day during the week.
I'm not on any medications except allergy medicine, my stress is minimal and I don't carry it with me for very long, and I pretty much don't have anything to be depressed about so as far as I can tell I feel like I can rule out all of those being factors.
But there are times when I'm going to have sex with someone and I either cant get it up or cant keep it up for long. I feel like this is an issue I shouldn't be having at 26.

On a separate note I'm going to make a post about ejaculating too fast but if that information is helpful in anyway, that happens too...
Chris_Evans responded:
Erectile brokenness (dysfunction) in more in youngsters and energetic men. With youngsters and energetic men, mental issues are the likeliest illustration behind erectile brokenness.

Tension and nervousness may take off from deplorable correspondence with the sexual companion or a refinement in sexual slant. The sexual inconveniences may in like manner be joined with these computes:

  • depression
  • fatigue
  • stress
  • feelings of deficiency
  • personal sexual sentiments of trepidation
  • rejection by people or colleagues
  • sexual sick use in immaturity
dfromspencer responded:
I know i'm late, but would like you to know that, I had E.D. problems in my mid twenties, also. My E.D. has been caused, as determined by several doctors, to be from nerve damage. I had a herniated disc in my neck, and failed to get it fixed in time, and so, the nerve damage.

I have also read doctors articles right here on Web, who claim that men who ride bicycles may damage the nerves down there? Usually tho, they would have to be avid riders. I don't believe that you fit that category?

If I were you, I would go see the doctor!!! Yes, I have a woman doctor, also, and she was very professional about it. She will not have you take out your penis, or anything. She will, however, order blood tests. Depending on what is found, she may send you to an Urologist? That, is where they may have to examine everything? But take heart, they have done this thousands of times, and NO, they will not rate the size of your penis, they could care less!!! The only thing they worry about, and that you should worry about, is your health!!! GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR,NOW!!!

That is the best advice I can give you. I wish you luck!!!

HighMarks responded:
I am not a doctor but I have a lot of empirical evidence about this topic. You sound exactly like me at 26 and that's when I started with problems getting an erection. I was fit, worked out, not overweight, didn't smoke but drank A LOT. It is the ALCOHOL! I went to the doctor and my testosterone was low so I took shots which helped briefly but that isn't the cause. Alcohol causes heart and vascular problems. I managed to quit then for 6 months and it resolved itself, but I started drinking again. Fast forward to now, I'm 49 and have finally quit alcohol for good (AA) but the ED is probably permanent. I have every Rx, herb, and vacuum device made and they won't help at some point if you have abused alcohol for 35 years like I did. You probably drink more than you let on and you have a chance NOW, but not later in life, to fix this. If you truly can drink two or less drinks a day, then you may be able to recover and still drink. I'm guessing if you are not an alcoholic (yet), you abuse it and can't just have two drinks and your problems will get worse. If that is the case, then take my advice and quit drinking! It is not worth it! I know. I'm married and have a very dysfunctional physical relationship with my wife.

This aspect is missed by most doctors, since it is hard to determine vascular problems. They can see the lowered testosterone and will try to treat the symptoms. It doesn't work. Alcohol hurts the liver and lowers it's ability to function. Testosterone is processed through the liver and if it is not functioning well it doesn't process it well so the testes slowly diminish capability, but that's not why you can't get an erection. (That is the reason that body builders shooting testosterone have their testes shrink and why they shouldn't drink if they don't want liver failure).

Good luck.
tammyhiles responded:
More often than not the cause of erectile dysfunction is physical, perhaps a result of a certain medication or chronic ailments, like diabetes or high blood pressure. There may be a number of physical factors contributing to the problem such as tobacco use, which is proven to cause erectile dysfunction, so it may be important to see a doctor in order to get a real diagnosis.

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