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Urethral Sounding for Sexual Pleasure
dargilmar posted:
I am pleased to have this forum to discuss this in a sober manner. There are sites that treat it as a fetish/extreme practice but that is not my niche. It is good to have med pro's looking in because I don't want to mislead readers but I do want to share my experience and thinking about urethral sounding.

I am 65, moderately overweight, am in a sexually satisfying relationship and have partial erectile disfunction. My lover's skill and patience with hands and lotion give me an adequate orgasm and my oral skill ensures she has good ones. Cialis is helpful in providing and extending an erection including humorous "morning wood". I am posting here not because I need help but because someone might benefit from what I have learned.

There is a two-year old post in the sexual health group called "urethra vibrator" prompted me to post her. I do not have one but I have non-vibrating sounds that have given me results worth reporting here. I was unaware there was a niche of people doing this. Sounding occurred to me because the act of peeing involves some pleasure and I recall the "pee shivvers" I got as a teen were like the spasm that comes before ejaculation in an orgasm. I figured internal stimulation could provide both, and I was right.

When I was between relationships, I experimented with sounding to get faster, stronger orgasms than I could get from ordinary hand stroking. After some trial and error, I settled on two routines, both of which gave satisfying results. They are shallow and deep sounding.

Shallow sounding involves the use of a veterinary thermometer, which is a scaled up version of the household variety we used for decades. It is about 5" long and has a 3-lobed cross section where each lobe is 1/4" wide. With a water-soluble I insert and stroke it and roll it slowly in my fingers while stroking outside. Rolling the therm gives more sensation and the presence of the therm in my penis (often weakly or not erect) provides a "bone" that improves hand stroking outside. This always produces a better, easier, faster outcome than hand stroking alone. I do it most times I masturbate.

Washing my instrument, hands and penis with antibacterial soap is assumed. My lover and I are monogamous, so exposure to alien infections is limited.

Deep sounding involves the use of a sound I fashioned from a 14" 6.5mm crochet hook. I machined a bullet shaped tip and use water soluble lube. I insert it flaccid by sliding it in while rolling it and pulling out on my penis to straighten the path inside. I never push it and always move slowly to avoid injury and abrasion. I re-lube it on the way in if it starts to drag. I have to get it fully inserted before I get hard or I have to stay shallow. About 8 or 9 inches in, I reach a "sweet spot". I am not sure whether it is the prostate or entrance to the bladder or back of the bladder, I don't go further. When I reach this point and work the sound . very short strokes and rolling, erection comes on quickly and I get a rush of arousal that rises to orgasm and ejaculation in about one minute. When ejaculation is about to start, I slowly extract the sound to as not to impede the mechanism of ejaculation. I will get several contractions when I come, stronger and more than by any other sexual method, and a lot like they were when I was in my 20's. If I could patent and sell this, I would.

Deep sounding was a wonderful discovery and I still do it as an occasional indulgence, sort of like a good cigar. Be careful and clean. You will be tempted to go deeper and faster, as the pleasure builds, so restrain yourself. And listen to whatever a moderator here you.

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