Erection one day, gone the next
shanerey0310 posted:
Just recently I went to visit my boyfriend of over three years in Texas where he is stationed. I was there for a total of fifteen days. Since it being the second time out of the year seeing each other, of course we had sex. We had sex nearly every day. Towards the end of my stay, I'd say the third to last morning he had trouble getting and maintaining his erection. Prior to the situation, he was perfectly fine and was getting erections easily. We don't know what happened or what might have caused this to happen.

We were practically eating out every meal during my stay - which wasn't normal for the both of us. We're both used to exercising daily. He said that during my stay he was stressed out about work and getting ready to leave the military. And then towards the end of my stay, he was stressed about me leaving. We're really confused about it. I'm doing my best to comfort him (being states away) and trying to help him out by trying to figure this out.

If anyone has any idea of what might have happened or need more info just let me know. Please.