Is there hope?
An_252737 posted:
I have been dating a man for a year now. We became intimate some time in April of this year.
He has a number of health issues, including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and insomnia.
We have only had oral sex.
He is unable to have an erection, but is able to have an orgasm. I have never had an orgasm through oral sex, or manual stimulation from a man during sex.
Is there hope that this will change? It is frustrating that I can't "get off" unless I use my vibrator. I feel frustrated.
gentle1954 responded:
many men can not have an erection but they can get their wives to orgasm by other ways .
i myself have this problem for 3 years so my wife has got her orgasm through fingering in her vagina (i insert my finger in her instead of my penis and try to stimulate her G SPOT).
ask him to do this skillfully, im sure u will enjoy it very much more than a half erected penis.