ED after abdominal surgery?
Coach90 posted:
Four years ago I presented to the ER with severe abdominal pain and fever...long story short, I had Diverticulitis and my transverse colon tore open 8 inches. I went immediately into surgery and had the torn section removed. I was given a colostomy bag off the descending colon and after 3 weeks went back to work, bag and all. The next day I was back in the hospital, in surgery as the ends of the colostomy had died. The colostomy was reversed, and I was opened up again, cleaned out and given an ileostomy off the small intestine. 6 weeks later I was released and went back to work with the bag of course. I had the ileostomy taken down 2 months later and was fine. 2 months later I had a gall bladder attack and had to have it removed. 6 months later I had my hernia repaired when the De. actually nicked my small intestine in three places. This was outpatient surgery so at home 8 hours later I was projectile vomiting green bile and went back to the hospital where they rushed me into surgery to repair the nicks. I spent the better part of 2 months in the hospital before I was finally given a clean bill of health. I have laid the back ground to this story because for the past two years i have experienced ED symptoms. There is a desire to perform but the body doesnt cooperate. I have low volume in my erection and my erection will not sustain for any length of time. I have been on Cialis daily for almos two years and been on testosterone enhancers for 3 months but nothing seems to help. I am beside myself with frustration because my Dr. doesnt appear to care or give what I believe to be more significant attention to this situation. I am 47 years old, newly married (2nd marriage) and wanting to improve this situation for myself and my wife. Beside the fact that I am looking for a more attentive Dr., is it possible that the surgerys that I had could have effected this problem? And with that, what can I do to improve my volume in my erection? The Cialis daily (5mg) is not effective and Viagra 5 mg give me a splitting headache, and doesn't make an significant improvement. (I believe because the headache is so intense I cant relax to perform or enjoy sex) If there is a Dr. out there please respond. Thanks
An_250150 responded:
talk to your doctor about trimix injection.
HighMarks responded:
I had my ceccum removed after a ruptured appendix 19 years ago and have had similar problems. Because of complications had a large incision and scar. I am 49 now. I think that there could be some related effecting consequences.