is it real or is it all make believe
Nytmare71 posted:
I am 42. I have been divorced for 5 years. Started having ED problems during marraige near the end. Have several possible physical issues but doctor says I'm fine other than borderline HBP. Not taking anything for it but I have a prescription for daily cialis. I think its 5mg.when I don't take cialis I can get hard and have sex normally until about half way through when typically I start getting a little winded due to the fact that I am out of shape at 6-3 265. The odd thing is I think I am expecting it to happen which may be the whole problem. Maybe losing focus on the task at hand. when I do take cialis I only take half a pill and I can stay hard for hours usually having sex 2or3 times. Is it the sense of security knowing I have taken it which makes me so hard for so long? Or a combination of the 2? I have since quit smoking and started worming out again. Cardio cardio cardio! I am going to be very pissed to find out I have ruined a couple opportunities with very sexy women because of something that is all in my mind?!?!!?! So Frustrating
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