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Back Surgery, Stricture, and ED
An_254003 posted:
Brief history - two and a half years ago I had back surgery ( L5-S1 fusion TLIF ) since then ( well right after the surgery ) my right foot under the ball has felt like my sock is bunched up under it, my right calf and outside of right calf cramp up a lot and are a little numb. Thing is before surgery all my problems ( sciatica, etc. ) were all on the left side and down the left leg. I have ED and Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra don't do a thing for me ( although Cialis for daily use worked for a bit just not that well ) and six months ago I had a stricture which wouldn't allow me to urinate and the ER Doctor when he tried to put in the catheter created a false passage that the urologist had to fix the next day during surgery ( not fun having to wear a catheter for over a month the thickness of a ball point pen ) which the urologist said the stricture was most likely caused by the catheter during my back surgery ( said most likely when they removed it it scratched the inside of the uretha ). I had low T but have been taking testim which brought me back to normal T levels. My Question is this since my back surgery the ED got worse but I could still get a useable erection, but now since the stricture and subsequent surgery ( scope ) they did it is pretty much impossible to get a useable erection - they're never fully erect and once attained it immediately starts to go limp giving me maybe a minute if I'm lucky to do my best. I no longer have any spontaneous erections and very rarely wake up with one ( I usually woke up with one very stiff penis pretty much every day and could get aroused enough sometimes just daydreaming at times ). My penis doesn't have the same feelings it did - could say it's numb except right under the head and the head itself. I still get the same "sensation" or "feeling" I used to just before getting erect but it just doesn't get there. Do you think it's nerve damage from the back surgery, and that the stricture procedure just finished off what little was left? Am I totally hosed or is there something that can be done to fix this? I've tried a penis pump and that doesn't seem to be bringing in any blood to my penis ( it doesn't get erect or hard ) and porn or masturbating doesn't work either. Since the pills don't work is my only other option to have a implant installed? I'd really like to get some answers as my wife is now thinking that I've either got no feelings for her or that I have someone else on the side ( no I don't and I've told her this many times - no woman wants a man who can't get it up ). Thanks anxiously awaiting replies/suggestions
An_250150 responded:
if you are not a scary cat. .talk to your urologist about trimix injection.
topcop2003 responded:
You wrote " since then ( well right after the surgery ) my right foot under the ball has felt like my sock is bunched up under it, my right calf and outside of right calf cramp up a lot and are a little numb". I had this too it is called "Neuromas
The term neuroma refers to an enlarged or thickened (i.e. Perineural ... Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common foot disorders a podiatrist sees and treats.

It feels like my dog left a bone in my shoe and I must walk on a bump. GO SEE A PODIATRIST AND HE CAN SHRINK IY IN NO TIME.

ALSO SEE:Morton's Neuroma: Controversial to Say the Least | Angry Orthopod's-neuroma-controversial-to-say-the-least/"00E Jan 25, 2012 - BTW, a Morton's neuroma may "feel" like swelling on the bottom of your foot, .... I have not been diagnosed with MN, but rather Plantar Fasciitis.
jhcii replied to topcop2003's response:
Mine is not Neuromas, it is from nerve damage caused during the surgery. There is no swelling etc.. on my foot. My DR who did the back surgery afterwards checked my foot at every follow up where he determined it was from the surgery. He said they had to push and pulll and stretch the nerves ( my surgery was supposed to be about an hour or so, but took just over 3 hours to do) So unfortunately I just gotta deal with it, some days are a little worse than others but it is basically the exact same feeling all day and night. Every Dr I've been to has said the same thing after checking out my foot.
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