silverh posted:
Iam 59 years old and decided it was time to do something about my sexual health. I was alway tired, no strenght, my sexual capbility was nnot there, an what I mean was I could get an erection but during intercourse I would lose the erection and could not climax. I saw my regular physical and he prescribed cialis dialy. It help some and I added a rubber cock ring. to keep the erection but that was not working. I ended up and went to my Urologist. They did blood work and they prescribed Androgel 1.62 in two weeks I have stopped taking the cialis and using the cock ring totally.. Iam back to the way I was when I was 40. Sexual intercouse is great again..
An_250150 responded:
talk to your urologist about trimix injection.
floridamenshealthcenter responded:
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