Viagra Cost
tcwind posted:
Been having trouble with ED for over 3 years. 52 years old, had a full physical a year and a half ago and no problems. Don't smoke or chew tobacco, quit alcohol cold turkey in Sept, not over weight (6' 185#), physically active job and go to fitness center at least 4 times a week.
In July last year my Dr. prescribed viagra. It works like a champion but HOLY COW, $180 for 6 pills! Down to 1 pill left and wife wanted to refill a couple weeks ago, now it's over $200 for 6 pills.
Anyone else have an issue with this? Having to spend that kind of money to have sex with my wife is NOT doing much for my libido.
karatimenesirov responded:
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I usually order 180 pills per order. It costs me around $190. Since I am a returning customer they offer 30% more pills or 15% off the purchase price. They also offer different shipping options. Trust me, they're the real deal.

I would never be able to afford the prescription cost here in the US. One other thing, you don't need a prescription at this website. Check them out. Good luck.
howdy48 replied to karatimenesirov's response:
This appears to be an online pharmacy in Texas. And it looks like they need a prescription. Is that the correct web address.
tammyhiles responded:
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robertirwing responded:
You can go for generic for Viagra (sildenafil citrate) . 8 tablets cost just $22.46