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Erection during sleep but not for sex
sixpacktr posted:
I am in my mid 50s and overweight. However, I have been exercising for the last 4 months in an attempt to not only lose weight but reduce my cholesterol levels and reduce my blood pressure, both of which happened. I tend to have ED, but have noticed over the last 4-6 weeks, I get 3 or 4 erections during the night while sleeping. However, whenever I try to have sex with my wife, I just cannot become aroused at all. I don't know if it is a mind thing now or what.

I had this problem before and with exercise it all went away. That is why this is so baffling. I am able to have erections, just not when it counts.

What am I missing here? What else should I be looking at?
nohard responded:
Hi Getting nocturnal erections and morning woods means things are working or starting to work, when you get these erections try using them, although the wife just might like you giving her a 3o/c poke, but would work wonders for you.
You can google natural ways out of HPB and cholesterol.
Cayenne pepper is good as a part of lowering cholesterol, it helps clean the blood of plaque, which is part of the problem. gets you some answers.
Have a look at this, google it, DRUGS VERSUS HERBS, HERBS MY CHOICE, its a post of mine on franktalk, have a read of it, it got me up and running again, your see me on there as NOWHARD.
Good Luck
nohard responded:
Hi, Forgot to ask this question, Are you on statins for your high cholesterol? statins could be one of your courses of ED. its not a joke site, lots to read all about statins and how there bad for you.
I do suggest you read this site of your on statins.
Good Reading
floridamenshealth1 responded:
The number one cause of ED begins with your state of mind. Stress related issues such as money, girlfriends, family. Many times we might have experienced ED once and this can constantly run through our minds during sexual intercourse (try to just not think too much during intercourse). We can overthink the situation and believe that it will happen again. Number two can be health related illnesses such as diabetes, low testosterone, and high blood pressure can all cause ED. Certain medications can also be a cause as well as poor circulation due to obesity. Exercise can many times greatly improve your blood flow and help with ED. Hope this information was useful and if you would like more great information please visit our website at
lightningguy responded:
Well, the fact that you are achieving erections at other times indicates that the cause may be less physical than emotional or psychological. You say you're in your 50s; have you been married to your wife for a long time? Sometimes a man becomes too "used" to sex with someone after many years; he may still love her very much and not have any desire to sleep with someone else, but it may just be that things are a little familiar. You might try doing something different to "liven" things up — role playing, or having sex in a different location or different time of day, or using positions you don't normally use. Speaking of positions, sometimes that can also be responsible. Your penis may be used to the particular stimulation it gets from one position and switching to another one may give it stimulation in a slightly different way that may please it. Also, are you feeling and tension or anxiety, either about having sex or for other reasons, such as problems at work, money issues, etc.? Sometimes these can get in the way of proper sexual functioning. Trying to rid yourself of tension or anxiety (meditation, yoga, deep breathing, etc.) may help. On a different note, keep an eye on your overall penis health and use a top notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil); look for one with L-arginine, which is helpful in allowing relaxed blood flow in the penis. Good luck!

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