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Semen in urine during stool, very often.
An_257050 posted:
I am 21 years old guy and observing cloudy like semen in my urine during stool often for past 1 month, I have no other problem. Is the condition serious?
It usually don't occur if i masturbate.
Before this situation ,I had observed blood like particles in my semen thrice during masturbation , but now this happens to be fine . This have occur after i had a long run after many days.
I am very tensed, please provide urgent guidance.

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nohard responded:
Hi The blood could be from over masturbating.
The semen in your urine could be from retrograde ejaculation, do you notice sometimes, that you don't get the same amount of ejaculate? if so this is some of your semen going backwards.
Look it may be best if you take a break from masturbating, say for 4 to 6 weeks, give you system a break, reboot and heal your body, and why your doing this start on a course of kegels. its a simple exercise the should strengthen your pelvic area up and stop retrograde ejaculations, for these go and have a look under exercises on its all on there and including how to do reverse ones as well.
Do hope this helps you.
Good Luck
lightningguy responded:
Blood can occur in semen for a number of reasons. The most typical reason is burst blood vessels, which can happen for a number of reasons, including aggressive sexual behavior (solo or with a partner) but can also be due to other causes, such as the penis being hit hard. In terms of semen in the urine, this is often a sign of retrograde ejaculation; this means that the sphincter that controls the entranceway to the bladder is defective. Instead of closing when the penis is ejaculating, it remains open (or partially open), causing semen to be diverted away from the urethra and into the bladder. Retrograde ejaculation is basically harmless, but it can cause fertility problems. You might want to check with a doctor if this is ongoing and see if s/he thinks you should start some treatment. On a separate note, keep an eye on your overall penis health and regularly use a first rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). One with L-arginine is best, as that ingredient helps produce nitric oxide which in turn keeps with penis blood flow. Good luck!
papubarman replied to nohard's response:
Thank you sir for your valuable suggestion, i would like to mention that i had been masturbating almost on regular basis since last 8 years but in past 1 year i had done it very less due to very high academic pressure. Sir is the problem is at all very serious, i had consulted doctor he says it is not a serious problem, i have done my routine ultra sonography test and urine culture analysis all the reports are fine, my question is when will this stop.
papubarman replied to lightningguy's response:
Thank you for the suggestion.
nohard replied to papubarman's response:
Hi Doing a course of kegels should get you out of your problem, this get you pelvic floor muscles back the way they should be, don't forget to do the reverse ones they both will help you and your problem, you should see a result pretty soon.
So go for it at
Good Luck

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