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Does sleep apnea possibly cause or contribute to ED?
emaraldeyes posted:
Hello all,

I have a question for anybody out there that might have any experiences with this situation. First of all I'm not a guy, my boyfriend has been having problems for a while with being able to have a rigid erection (since we got together 12 years ago), but now for the last 9 months or so it has gotten a lot worse. He can become erect but by the time he starts to insert his penis starts getting limper until eventually it falls out, and he has not been able to have an orgasm. He gets to a point where he feels like he's on the edge and then the feeling is just gone and he can't come. He's getting very anxious and depressed about this and I want to help if I can. He's tried Cialis it worked the first time he took it (still limpish but able to orgasm) but after that it hasn't ever worked again. The doctor prescribed Viagra but it's just SO expensive we couldn't afford it. I believe he has sleep apnea but he won't think about getting a sleep study or equipment to help him. He has gained quite a bit of weight lately but this condition has preceded the weight gain by several years. The doctors did a stress test, x-rays, and blood work, but found nothing wrong except a slight elevation in his cholesterol. They gave him medicine and that has not effected his condition either. Could this be linked to the sleep apnea issue? He's always exhausted! If anybody out there believes that it can affect his sexual performance please let me know. It might help get him to do the testing. If there is any other information, experiences, treatments, etc. to help us it would be great if you could share your thoughts with us. The thing that makes me most curious is the fact he can get to the edge of orgasm but can't complete it. I have offered to massage his prostate because I know that is supposed to bring excellent results in orgasming, but just like a typical man he won't even think about that! LOL Thank you very much for your time and your help. Emaraldeyes
emaraldeyes responded:
Hey ya'll,

Sorry forgot to tell you my boyfriend is just turning 40. We're just thinking he's really quite young to be having this problem.

Thanx again! Emaraldeyes
nohard replied to emaraldeyes's response:
Hi Emerald, For a start its nice of you to be doing this for him lots of love here then.

He has a problem and from the start being overweight is not the way to go, its not helping his ED, So it has to go, you can tell him that.

Men, erections, and sex its one thing we do need to be healthy for, and a lot of it starts with or blood, so his cholesterol needs to be sorted, but not with statins, check out lots of help there for statins, he can bring it down with the help of cayenne pepper, garlic and parsley two mix's.

But if he can get soft erections a cock ring may help him there, I have hardwear ice from he can wear it 24/7 this way he's always ready for you, this gives me some great erections, get some real good boiners, I will tell you it dose

He's in the same club as me Viagra not work for me, gave me very bad side effects, so I turned to herbs and a hormone, I will get back to that.

As for sleep anpea Google this, sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction, this link below come from it.

OK I turned to herbs and a hormone from doing lots of research, its all there if you poke around some very dark corners, get on some forums ask questions like your doing, on a site called I have 4 posts, so if you google this titles its far quicker than trying to find them on site.

You may even have some of these around the kitchen, most of it is very simple stuff, the thing is they work if you get the mix right, and most of it is for the blood, get the blood working right your more than half way there to getting good erections

As for age ED can get guys at any age, they say its an old mans thing, after doing lots of work on forums, although some is self induced through porn and over masturbation, some guys do get it and from an early age, so he is not alone.

Do hope you find some help here.

Good Luck

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