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20 year old, concerned I might be having ED
An_257329 posted:
I am a 20 year old guy.
I suspect I might be suffering from erectile dysfunctioning as whenever I'm making out with my girlfriend, I do get a rigid erection but I'm not able to sustain it for much longer. And I don't feel that aroused while making out.
I smoke a maixmum of 3 cigarettes a day..never more than that. Can that be the cause of my problem?? If so, I'm willing to quit.
If not the smoking then what could be causing this?
And what can I do to rectify my situation??
Please helpp!!
nohard responded:
Hi The best thing you can do for now is go get your testosterone levels checked out, see were you are in the way of levels, get your hormones checked as well, they all tell a story.
As for help now, go to and get yourself a a hardwear ice, with this you should like me get some really good boners that will last, you don't have to worry when you look on this site its a bit explicit an may look that its for gays, who knows may be but the rings are very good, you can wear it 24/7 with know problems, I do, means your read when ever she wants sex.
Hope it works for you like me.
Good Luck
nohard responded:
Hi Again, if you go to myhardwear site, about half way dow your see 4 images across the page the hardwear ice is no 3 hit on it the click on the vid above, you see as this guy puts it he's dry do us oil when ever you do it, and keep shaved its a lot easier your find to get on.
Just a bit of info.
Good Luck
stewartjames responded:
One must understand, the problem first before running for the sure. If you will run for the cure without knowing the cause, there will be more problem you are asking for, like depression, social individuality, money dumping.[br>If you think that you are suffering from ED , you must need to know what are the physical and anatomical factors which are responsible for ED[br>Do ask yourself few questions, like do you have physical abnormality in the structure of penis ?[br>Do you have hormonal abnormalities (high production of thyroid, low production of testosterone, cushing syndrome)?[br>Do you have any injury to pituitary gland?[br>Do you have sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking, alcoholism and substance abuse?[br>Do you have physiological factors (like stress, anxiety, mental disorder)?[br>Do you have metabolic disorders like diabetes?[br>Do you take drugs like anti-depressants, narcotics, tranquilizer? [br>Do you have enlarged prostate?[br>Do you have hypertension, dylipidemia, atherosclerosis?[br>[br>if you think that you have any of the above problem, then there are probability that you may have ED problem or may be possible that you have lack of libado.[br>[br>Once the exact cause of your problem is known one can easily suggest you the medicine.

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