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Slightly Hard Flaccid Penis - What to do?
veritas20 posted:
Some Background: I'm a fairly fit 20-something, don't smoke, don't drink, and do no drugs. My only other physical health issue is a pretty severe case of fibromyalgia I've been dealing with for going on ten years now.

Anyway, in either late May or early June I started experiencing pain in my left hip. I'd chalked it up to my fibro, which has basically attacked every joint, but this was different in that it kind of went into my groin and I had a dull ache in my left testical. In just a few days the pain traveled throughout both testicles and he groin in general while still being more present on the left side. It got on the pain scale (1-10) up around an 8. I was having trouble just sitting down without it being uncomfortable. I was drinking some green tea that contained a lot of potassium, and when I stopped that it got slightly better. On top of the pain, I was also getting numbness on the underside of my penis, which was a really weird and unsettling sensation.

I wasn't able to get to my doctor until mid-July. As usual, she seemed completely unconcerned, even though I was beginning to wonder if this could be a prostate thing. She took a urine sample for STDs, though, I could have told her right there that wasn't it. The sample came back normal as suspected. After this appointment things started to get progressively worse with a whole host of wacky symptoms:

- The numbness got worse, and seems to have traveled to the top of the penis, but is generally just all around the groin.

- The brain signal that tells you to go to the bathroom (1 & 2) has gotten very weak, in general. I have to make myself go. I've figured out that the numbness and pain get worse when I have to go which is my new signal. I don't get the "piss boners" I was getthing just a month or two before.

- The numbness is especially scary after waking up in the middle of the night when it seems to be at its worse, and it's accompanied by a semi-erect penis.

- Unlike a lot of people with pain and numbness I've read about, I get erections ridiculously easy, way more than before all of this. Often, it's just from whatever position I'm laying or sleeping in, and my penis doesn't even have to touch anything or be touched. I've had to mentally stop this multiple times per day and at night and it's getting downright tiring, mentally. I've also noticed that something as simple as food making its way through my lower GI tract can force the sensation of a growing erection.

veritas20 responded:
  • *continued**

    - My bladder is not emptying like it was, and I've found I have to sit down to pee well. I'll get most of the urine out of my bladder, but minutes later will have to squeeze out little bits. This is messy, as you can imagine, and over-exerts a penis already in pain and generally numb.

    - I've been getting INTENSE lower back pains during all of this, particularly in my sacrum. The nerves are just on fire, and often feel very strange pulling sensations around the sacrum, and the lower back is both painful to the touch, here, and the strange sensation - which often comes with a "fullness" inside - seems to be inside/on the backside of the bones inside.

    - Finally, to bring it full circle in just the past week this has morphed into a flaccid penis that is now always slightly hard. Maybe 25%. And, instead of just hanging loosely, stands out about an inch from the balls, which is not how it was before.

    This last symptom has caused me great stress. This episode was already making my penis both less sensitive on the outside, but way more sensitive on the inside causing more frequent erections, so to have it stick out even just a little adds to my clothing brushing it. I've tried my prescribed muscle relaxer to no effect, as I thought perhaps the muscles aren't relaxing like they were. I've tried meditation to relax, massaging my lower back...nothing is working.

    I went back to my doctor a week after the first visit I described with the intent to make sure she knew this was serious and not normal for me. I practically had to beg her to do X-rays of my pelvis and just general bloodwork (but she wouldn't order anything for prostate). This has always been a problem with my doctors. They see an otherwise healthy young guy like myself, but in dealing with my fibromyalgia for as long as I have, I've become accutely aware of my body, what's normal and what's not, and this is not normal. It's also not somethng purely mental, though, I'm sure the stress doesn't help.

    Does anyone else have a problem like this? I don't get back to my doctor until the 23rd of August of this month, so I haven't gotten my results back on the X-ray or blood work, but I really don't expect it to find much. I'm thinking I need a full-on MRI of my pelvic area. I've been thinking this could be prostate or damaged sacral nerves given the intense back pain.

    All I know is that no amount of stretching or meditation or medication has made a dent in this problem, and I'm running out of options. I've held of any kind of sex/masturbation, and I'm so afraid of getting an erection that I mentally fight them away for fearing of injurying myself. Before the first doctor visit and the onset of the generalized pain in the groin (month/month-and-a-half), I ejaculated maybe a handful of times. Like the trouble emptying the bladder, I couldn't get all of the semen out and have to wait for minutes for it to spit out when I sit down or something. Fortunately, during this period, it was wasn't really more painful than regularly ejaculating.

    Since the onset of the hard, flaccid penis, though, I don't even dare as I'm afraid of injury, and this has become a point of great mental stress. You can't ignore it, because it's more sensitive than ever and you're getting more erections than ever.

    I'd like to know who has this problem and what some diagnoses have been and what you've done to return to normal. I feel I'm way too young to be experiencing this without having injured my penis, unless this is cancer..
    nohard responded:
    Hi I have what you would call mild fibromyalgia, and what I call fibrositis, I got over mine with a very simple thing called Apple Cider Vinegar with a once a day L-carrnitine, two capsules.
    Have a read of this link.
    And also have a good read on under fibromyalgia, lots of tips all natural.
    Are you on any drugs from your doctor for it, if so it could be the drugs side effect that's now given you ED.
    But you getting stressed is a sex killer, again ED side effect.
    Let me know if this is helpful.
    veritas20 replied to nohard's response:
    Thank you for your reply.

    However, what is happening to me recently is something seperate and apart from my usual fibromyalgia. That much I know.

    No, I do not take any regular medications, and I supplement with Apple Cider Vineagar, already. In fact, I was sipping some when I wrote my original post, last night. Generally, I eat pretty healthfully, so I'm not even sure it's diet.

    Whatever this is has been accute and sudden. After thinking more about this and doing more research since I typed my original message, I'm convinced this is some kind of prostate inflammation which may be exacerbated by some sacral nerve pinching. I also noticed after not having thought about it that I'm peeing a whole lot, even without the urge that usually sends me to the bathroom. It feels like my whole pelvis from front to back is enflamed.
    nohard replied to veritas20's response:
    Hi If you think your having prostate problems, the urge to urinate this you would get then urinate very slowly and sometimes not.
    If your that worried please go get some tests done ASAP
    But in your twenty's its something you should ne be having but then there's always the odd chance of getting prostate problems at an early age, but that's the same with anything.
    Find a good uro and work from there.
    It would be the best way to go.
    Good Luck
    veritas20 replied to nohard's response:
    Just an update.

    I either see my doctor, today, or Saturday at the latest. That said, I haven't anything subside since my original message. I'm still getting very random erections; I wasn't even this easily sexually aroused as a teenager, so this really worries me. I'm talking about just right upon sitting down I start growing like crazy.

    What is really worrying me, though, is my sleeping hours. With me not having the same normal sensation I've had to get up an pee, I'm noticing I'm getting a very small erection that can last for quite some time (a few hours if I ignore it). I have to make myself get up and pee to make it go back down. It's not like any erection I've ever had. It's small but really rigid and hard.

    It's weird, because you normally get blood flow down there when you have to pee ("piss boner" or just a full hang), but I don't get those anymore, yet, I'm getting the very inconvenient arousals.that are unusually hard and rigid which then go back down to something that's still a bit rigid even when not aroused.

    This is really insane. I can't for the life of me figure out if this is a damaged nerve like I originally believed it to be, something with the prostate (I get lots of burning and pain that pretty much lasts all my waking hours), or if this is some kind of vascular issue. I don't see anyone on here that's told me that they can relate to this problem. I know it's not in my head, because this was a sudden physical change not brought on by injury.
    veritas20 replied to nohard's response:
    Update: After doing some additional research, I think I may have gotten closer to what's going on. Anyway, since last time, I had my physical with my doctor, which ended up answering very little for me as I expected. I have some blood work to do and some additional urinalysis to do as part of the physical, but I doubt she even has in her head to look at my gential problem. I guess it's good - even though I already knew - that this doesn't appear to be any kind of virus/STD, prostate or hernia.

    Anyway, the research I've done is pointing me in the direction that I'm largely dealing with two different things, or at least something not as closely related as I thought. First, the pain in my left hip joint that spread into my testicles seems to have cleared up. This seems to have been the result of something pinched in the sacrum and lower back. A bit of exercize to strengthen the back seems to have made this managble, though, I still have spasms down this way, and I still am urinating a whole helluva lot for reasons I'm still unsure of, and the feeling/urge to urinate still isn't back 100%.

    The second problem that started in late-July has largely not cleared up. This is the problem with my penis being kind or rigid/hard even without an erection and then very slight, dull pain most of the time, and simply being very much aware of the penis most of the day. To jog your memory, along with it being kind or rigid and uncomfortable in the flaccid state, I'm also getting erections out of nowhere, and the ones that are brought on by sexual arousal get really hard very quickly, even before I get fully aroused creating some pain.

    This second problem may very well be a "non-ischemic priapism." This is when the corpus acernosum - the two "tubes" of tissue at the top of the penis that fill with blood - doesn't empty fully after an erection dissipates. This kind of priapism is usually not the result of injury, which makes sense since I don't distinctly remember any kind of injury, and certainly nothing major. This can be caused by everything from sickle cell disease to psychological causes to things completely unknown.

    The good news is that this doesn't seem to be an emergency. The bad news comes in multiple ways, though. The papers I read basically say that this usually goes away "with time" but never even give a rough estimate. It's been slightly over a month for me, and I can't do anything with my penis. The treatments are also very vague (ice or heat, blah, blah, blah) with surgery in extreme cases that 50-90% of the time results in ED. Then, there is the problem that I've been to the doctor twice already in late July and once in late August. I'd have to convince her to get me in soon and then just to farm me out to a urologist just to make the diagnosis, and even then they say this is something that even urologists don't see often at all, and don't often know how to diagnose. I don't have confidence in my persuasive abilities to get them to see that this is the problem.

    Anyone have non-ischemic priapism? How you go about treating this with your doctor? Anyone have any stories of this clearing up on its own? This has made my life a living hell since late July, and I'm not sure how I live with this. Since the diagnosis of my fibromyalgia slightly over 10 years ago, now, I've learned to live with pain, even extreme pain, but to lose the ability and confidence to do anything else with a penis that is otherwise working besides urinating - which itself has become difficult - is really starting to wear on me, mentally. I was anything but a sex-hound before all of this, and always thought I had pretty amazing self-control, but to not be able to manually take care of an erection over more than a month is driving me up the walls.

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